14. The Mark of Cain

Scripture: Revelation 7:3,Exodus 20:8-11,Revelation 13:11-18

                                                                       The Mark of Cain

This is the second of a three part sermon on the mark of the beast. It begins with the story of Cain and Abel. Cain decided to worship in his own way and became angry and murdered his brother. His spirit will be seen again the last days. As Cain had a mark, so people who follow the beast will have a mark. God has a sign for His people as well.

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  1. The Millennial Man
  2. Back to Jerusalem
  3. The Coming King
  4. The Rebellious Prince
  5. The Supreme Sacrifice
  6. The Law of the King
  7. Bricks Without Straw
  8. The Glorious Kingdom
  9. The Witch of Endor
  10. Cities of Ash
  11. River of Life
  12. Resting the Land
  13. Bowing to Babylon
  14. The Mark of Cain
  15. A Heavenly Model
  16. Cleansing the Temple
  17. A Tale of Two Women
  18. Windows of Heaven
  19. The Daughter’s Dance
  20. Ten Times Wiser
  21. Voice in the Wilderness
  22. Proving the Prophets
  23. A Jar of Oil
  24. Above the Crowd
  25. Pastor Doug’s Testimony
  26. The Unsinkable Ship

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