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"The First Wealth is Health”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

MEDICAL HORROR: Genetic sequencing of common vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted human baby… “a complete individual genome” with abnormal, modified genes… 560 genes linked to cancer

October, 2019

October , 2019

American STD Cases Rise To Record High

What Worries Me About 5G by Julie Clark

Is 5G Worth The Risks?

Authored by Iishana Artra 

Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky During 5G Test in The Netherlands

Old Mountain Remedies Walt Cross 

6 video presentations

Our kitchen is more than just a place to cook and find food – it is a medicine cabinet full of remedies that we can use to our benefit. In this series with Walt Cross we will be looking at many natural remedies that are affordable and accessible with recipes to help our bodies heal themselves.


Vaccine News,a must read ebook -and More.

Zombie Deer Disease Rears Its Ugly Head:

 Canada Issues Stark Warning About 

“Always Fatal”   Infection

Earlier this year, an infectious disease expert warned that a deadly disease found in deer could infect humans in the near future.

Often referred to as “zombie deer” disease because of the symptoms, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been reported in at least 26 states in the continental United States and in four provinces in Canada. 


"The Success Is Clear”: 

We Finally Have A Cure For Ebola!

Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?   Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

Big Pharma blood pressure drugs found laced with cancer-causing chemical; but FDA says don’t stop taking them


Multiple videos and info concerning the health dangers of  cell phone use

Much More Serious Than We Think!

Much More Serious Than We Think!

I keep questioning, “Why is the general population getting cancer at exponential rates”?  I reason in my mind that we must be missing something very obvious, but what is it?  Mrs. Julia A Clark

Ten Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides

NaturalNews Health

11 banned foods Americans should stop eating

Doctors Demonstrate Against McDonald’s Bacon Hour

World Health Organization Says Bacon Is ‘Carcinogenic to Humans’


A Dr Neal Nedley MD presentation on the Foundations of Biblical Principles illustrate how the Gut and Brain affect the decisions we make daily


The three highest concentrations of arsenic are:  drinking water, rice,  and chicken.

Avoiding Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, Cognitive Decline and Dementia

by Dr John Clark

Her absence initially sounded no alarm; everyone thought she was with someone else. But as twilight fell, and Mrs. Parker didn’t show up, fears mounted. Six weeks of intensive searching and national news coverage failed to locate the missing retiree. What had happened? Plagued with the failing memory and disorientation of advancing Alzheimer’s, Mrs. Parker had wandered off…

More Video Information on Alzheimer’s and Dementia

On September 21, 2018, join this team of professionals on their mission of hope as they launch a 14 episode FREE video series, Awakening from Alzheimer's. Last year they touched over 200,000 lives as host Peggy Sarlin sat down with 14 of the world's leading doctors and researchers in the area of Alzheimer's and dementia. You'll learn therapies, techniques, and tactics to prevent, and yes, even potentially reverse the course of this dreaded disease... and you won't hear them anywhere else! Join them for the FREE event that is about to change EVERYTHING!

New Study Finds Serious Trouble At the Bottom ofThat Daily Glass of Wine 


 Life at its Best!  5 presentations

by Professor Walter Veith


We live in the time where were not required to move as much. Stagnant pool breed diseases, stagnant body bring diseases. Lets find out why exercise is an absolute essential part of a health human body.

Watch more presentations by Barbara O’Neill HERE

20+ Dr. John Clark, Julie Clark & Jeni Skues Presentations        Avoiding Major Health Issues  By Your Daily Choices  


  Is Dehydration Making You Fat?

The Untapped Potential of DMSO

article and videos

4 Reasons To Put Essential Oils On The Soles Of Your Feet

What was more valuable than gold and silver in Biblical times?

10 Proven Manuka Honey Benefits & Uses


Shocking: Drinking [diet] soda daily may make you more susceptible to stroke or dementia. Put the can down; according to new research, making a daily habit of diet soda may triple your risk of a stroke.

Aspartame in diet soda linked to significant 

health issues, tumors

Is Olive Oil Healthy? 

Some recipes on this site use a light amount of olive and other oils. Consider your needs and health in deciding your use of oils. The BEST oils are those found naturally in nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  


Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s 

linked to liver, pancreas, immune system,

and brain issues

  Inspiration | 102 Years Young    108 Years old Oregon woman

Every Word -  a one minute video

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates

Wow. This doctor is literally saving lives with a plant-based diet. Thank you. HUGE thanks to Dr. Montgomery!       8.5 minute video

The nation’s health has seen better days: 100 million people in the United States has diabetes or pre-diabetes, the precursor condition to this serious disease. 

Diabetes and Cancer

Click on the topic below to watch an informative presentation

01 - Diabetes

02 - Cancer

 Diabetes and cancers are so common in today's culture. Will they always pervade our nightmares, or are their solutions and cures?

   Good News Health with Dr. Milton Teske

In this series you will gain the clearest explanation you will ever hear to help you understand how to completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes, how to understand your lipid profile LDL, HDL and VLDL, and how to reverse atherosclerotic coronary artery disease naturally. In addition, you will learn the extremely harmful effects of sugar, and you will understand how the structure lining the arteries plays a critical role in health and arterial disease.

New comprehensive study links booze to seven types of cancer

Government study finds link between cell 

phones and cancer in rats

$25 million study from the National Institutes of Health looked at brain tumors in animals



Experts warn of increases in 

tick-borne Powassan virus

Does Red Meat – or FAKE Meat – Cause Cancer?


Image result for your best pathway to health logo

As a Christian organization, Pathway to Health ultimately exists to serve as Jesus served and to love the residents of each host city as Jesus did. ​

The McDonald's burger and fries which has been left on a plate for over 

10 years. Reddit user standbacknow posted a photo of the food and said 

someone he knew had bought in April 2006. The food has no visible mould 

and simply looks dry and hard.

The Most Powerful Health Laws You Can Follow 

from Project Restore

Blueberries are miraculous natural medicine. If they were prescription medications, they would be called a “miracle” health breakthrough and an unprecedented milestone in medical science.

Big Pharma suffers another major blow as study debunks high cholesterol myths, admitting statins are  worthless 

Also watch Heart of the Matter videos Parts 1 and 2  -   Dietary Villains & Cholesterol Drug War

Is Cucumber a Superfood?     

Let's explore the undiscovered benefits of the mighty cuke. 

Health Matrix

Heal Thyself with Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C

 Health Briefings


John Yudkin

Newly Renamed High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Toxic Mercury And here is where you can find it


  Summary: Refined sugar is addictive, destructive and devoid of any nutritional value. Why does it continue to be a staple food across the world? 

Xylitol: Not as Sweet As It’s Cracked Up to Be

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

Although slavery is no longer legal there are still millions of people living in slavery today. One place and industry where slaves still exist is the cocoa industry. This documentary takes a deeper look at that industry with disturbing and challenging eyes.


by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.  In this book, we will discuss the role of water in the body and how a brief understanding of this topic can transform the health needs of our society.


Stepfast features leading experts in preventive medicine, who will help you understand the relationship between lifestyle and disease. By engaging in simple, natural lifestyle habits, you can make a difference in the health you enjoy!

WIld Edibles with Sergei Boutenko Videos to expand your eating options.

In this wild edibles video mini series, author Sergei Boutenko discussing how to forage, clean, and prepare common weeds and wild edibles safely and responsibly. This series is great for those interested in survival, foraging, homesteading, gardening, and nutrition.

Great Healthy Complete Vegetarian Recipes!

Karina’s Kitchen  Healthy Choices Recipes   More Great Healthy Choice Recipes! 


Removing the Mystery Behind Disease  series  of 6 presentations

Learn practical steps from Rudy and Jeannie Davis to prevent and even reverse diseases we consider incurable

Almost half the population may be infected with a mysterious virus that makes people stupid 

19 Harmful Effects of Caffeine

The other day we were discussing coffee and you had heard coffee was good for you. Yes, there are studies that indicate that to be so, but a closer scrutiny shows who is doing the study and to what benefit? Usually it is somebody’s or some company’s bottom line. 

Remember all the studies when we were young supporting cigarette smoking? In fact, there was a time (before our time) when smoking was prescribed to cure lung ailments!

America’s Number One Drug Problem - Coffee

Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant—the drug that four out of five Americans take on any given day.

What About The Aluminum We Eat, Wear and Breathe? 

Does fast food cause brain damage?

Burgers and fries might not only be bad for your heart and waistline — they could also hamstring your brain's ability to help you shed pounds.

Excitotoxins Cause Damaged Minds

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and excitotoxins

Why gluten intolerance and celiac disease is on the rise


The Gluten Connection: Weighing in Against Modern Wheat  Author: Jean Handwerk

Addiction to Cheese is Real - Thanks to Casomorphins

Stop Tobacco Addiction Now

You Can Quit Tobacco!

You have read in the newspapers all the medical reasons why you should quit tobacco, and you realize the nuisance it is in your everyday life. You personally know some of the many ways it is injuring your body, and you understand what is ahead—suffering and an earlier death—if you keep on as you are. More...



If you have a problem with alcohol, this may be one of the most important books you have ever read. It will show you the problems and dangers in drinking liquor. But more important, it will give you unusually complete information on how to quit.

In fact, you will find more worthwhile information on how to quit in this book—than in most any other single book you can purchase at any price.  Read More

msg - is this silent killer lurking in your kitchen cabinets?

Health Nugget: 

The mighty black bean

Short Time Saving Videos on Food Prep and more


Fastest way to peel apples, garlic, potatoes, oranges, pineapple, etc  and more!

Nature knows best.

Death in the Kitchen

Some years ago a survey was taken in a certain American city, and every inhabitant responded to 156 questions included in the survey. It was discovered that the prime interest of adults was that of health—not politics, history, or even the weather—but health, their health and the health of their families. What a paradoxical age is this one in which we live! A time when we have more doctors, hospitals, medicines; more medical knowledge of the care, treatment, and cure of disease; more pills, capsules, vitamins, etc.; yet seldom has there been a time when more sickness a...

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Some years ago a survey was taken in a certain American city, and every inhabitant responded to 156 questions included in the survey. It was discovered that the prime interest of adults was that of health—not politics, history, or even the weather—but health, their health and the health of their families. What a paradoxical age is this one in which we live! A time when we have more doctors, hospitals, medicines; more medical knowledge of the care, treatment, and cure of disease; more pills, capsules, vitamins, etc.; yet seldom has there been a time when more sickness a...
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Amazing Health Facts

Health isn't everything - but without it you have nothing...

Violence and Video Games

Like music and movies, video games are addictive and can cause behavioral problems.

Make your own Greg’s Laundry Soap   ! 

We made up a 5 gallon batch of Greg’s Laundry Soap and it lasted over two month - being used liberally - and cost only $2.20. That is less than $13 a year for a family of three!      No kidding.


The Back to Eden approach to productive and sustainable gardening is a remarkable revelation on home gardening that will revolutionize how you can grow your own food.

I've gardened for over 30 years and nothing compares to this method. It is simply amazing and yet so easy and so sensible. 

Click on the photo below to view. Scroll down the page of his site to view the full presentation.

Enjoy, learn, grow and share the best food ever!

BACK TO EDEN shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The organic growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. However, never until now have Paul’s methods been documented and shared like this!

Buy your own copy of Back to Eden!