The Most Powerful Health Laws You Can Follow

Pure Air

Do you take the air you breathe for granted? How important to one's health is pure air? How pure should it be?


Is sunlight just to see by and to get a tan? How much exposure to sunlight is too much? What happens when people don't get enough?


A thoughtful look at some common habits of living with an eye toward improving well-being.


Sleep and recreation can be a sweet relief from fatigue and stress if we apply some helpful principles to the way we go about them.


Sensible exercise can help you feel better, live longer, and be happier. Here are some principles to help you go at it intelligently.


God has appointed food for us to eat, and has taste and smell so we could enjoy aromas and flavors. As usual, He knows what is best.


The water around us is often taken for granted, but the more we learn about it's role in our lives and heath, the more precious it should become in our eyes.

Trust In Divine Power

God has an answer for the impact of the stress, depression, and fear that can and usually does negatively impact our physical health.

Nutrition (Diet)

What we eat is important. Most people eat things because they like them. And what's wrong with that? Shouldn't we like the things we eat? 


Walking, and other forms of exercise, allow our bodies to do what they were made for. 


Water gives us life. It is the source of healing, energy, and cleansing. 

What Water Should I Drink?


Sunlight brings many health benefits when we enjoy it in moderation. 


Temperance means more than just moderation. 


Fresh air is a key element for optimum health! 


Our bodies need rest in order to function. Are you getting the right quality and quantity of rest? 


God has good plans for us, and that includes our health. Do you trust Him with your mind and your body?