You Can Quit Tobacco

You Can Quit Tobacco!

Chapter One

You have read in the newspapers all the medical reasons why you should quit tobacco, and you realize the nuisance it is in your everyday life. You personally know some of the many ways it is injuring your body, and you understand what is ahead—suffering and an earlier death—if you keep on as you are.

In addition, you are aware of the fact that by continuing on with the weed, there is a greatly increased likelihood that your beloved children will later start using tobacco because they grew up watching you.

Now it's time to quit—and for good.

You have in your hands one of the most complete books on how to quit tobacco that is available anywhere at any price. You will find here literally dozens of pointers to help you quit, plus helpful nutritional information on eliminating nicotine craving—information not to be found in the usual "how to quit" books.

The information given in this book will help you quit any, and every, form of tobacco. You can stop smoking white coffin nails, chewing messy cud, gritting your teeth on a pipe stem "for relaxation."

Tobacco contains over 2,000 chemicals, most of them harmful to one degree or another. Some are among the most violent poisons known to mankind. When you have quit tobacco, you will be free from addiction to every way people put the deadly stuff into their bodies!

But first, we will give you scores of medical and nonmedical reasons why you should quit. These are solid, practical reasons that will firm up your decision and help you carry it through to success.

You now have the information needed to make the break. The very fact that you are reading this shows you want to do it. And that is half the battle!

So start reading, and get ready to kick the habit. You have wanted to boot it out the door for a long time. —vf


Recent clinical investigation has disclosed that one pack a day will take five years off your life; two packs a day will remove ten; three packs will eliminate fifteen.
If someone tells you of a friend who smoked two packs a day and lived to be 75, just know that if he had not smoked at all—he would have lived to be at least 85!
In the summer of 1986, the Surgeon General reported that tobacco was the Number One drug abuse killer in America.
At the present time, 15% of all the deaths in the United States are tobacco based.

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