Removing the Mystery Behind Disease

Removing the Mystery Behind Disease  series  of 6 presentations

311 - You Don't Have to be Sick

Learn practical steps from Rudy and Jeanie Davis to prevent and even reverse diseases we consider incurable.

312 - Digestion and Colon Care

Even eating good foods can have a detrimental affect on your health if you don’t understand the laws of digestion.

313 - Initiating True Speed Healing

Learn how to initiate true speed healing in your body. In this presentation, you will come to understand the importance of this incredible health component and its effects on the body for healing, or how its misuse can suppress the immune system.

314 - The Forgotten Liquid Miracle

Surrounded by supplements and chemicals and complicated prescriptions for health, we forget the simplest and most crucial medicine: water.

315 - Will The Real Carrot Please Stand Up?

What’s all the excitement these days about excitotoxins and the use of GMO foods in our diet?

316 - Please Hold the Extras

Sometimes the practical side of life is the hardest. We agree that we should live healthier, but how can we actually follow through?