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 Below are Dr. John & Julie Clark and Jenifer Skues video presentations from  Northern Lights Education. 

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Medical Makeover Series - a 15 Minute Preview

The short presentation above  provides a preview of the topics and material on the following health videos.

Diabetes: The Butter With The Sweet.      

Diabetics have ten times the rate of amputations, not to mention kidney failure, blindness and pneumonia. Find out why diabetes is not inherited, inevitable, or even permanent.

The Cholesterol Story! Are You Fighting Heart Disease?  

Is your doctor telling you that you are having trouble keeping your cholesterol with in safe limits? It could be easier than you think! Come learn the whole cholesterol heart disease story.

Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases. When Self Is The Enemy!

Many people suffer from diseases that seem to be the body hurting itself: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, just to name a few. Am I my own worst enemy? Can the suffering be ended with out dangerous drugs? Watch, read and learn!

Osteoporosis: Nothing To Crack Up About.

By 2020 nearly 50% of Americans over 50 will have osteoporosis of the hip, putting them at risk of fracture, disability and death. Discover the often unrecognized causes and what you can do about it.

Pandemic Influenza And Other Viral Diseases. 

Natural Influenze Treatment - Home remedies you need to know

Every few months the news is alive with the emergence of some new disease that could threaten life as we know it on this planet. How can the immune system be prepared to withstand such an attach? Doctors John Clark and Amber Bell discuss the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as the bird flu. Cast in the context of a 1918 type pandemic, these video transcripts give you practical instruction, using easily available materials, how to avoid and treat a pandemic disease. Want to boost your immune system to avoid infectious disease? Need to treat using home remedies? Dealing with an autoimmune inflammatory disease? Watching the video presentations and reading these video transcripts are for you.

Healthy Hundred: Breaking The Age Barrier. 

Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer's: Which Will Get You first? How you live determines how you will die. Have you chosen the best life? Learn the secrets to longevity—avoid killer diseases and disabling conditions.

Ideal Weight, Achieve It Naturally.  

Two out of three Americans carry more weight than is healthy. Obesity will soon surpass smoking as the number one health hazard causing diabetes, heart disease, and infertility. Why is it happening? Discover the answers to successful lifetime weight management.

Cancer: Hope for Cancer  

Cancer now surpasses heart disease as the leading cause of death for Americans under age 85. By the year 2025 it is estimated that nearly everyone will have a close encounter with cancer of some type in his or her life time. Discover the cause, prevention and solution for this feared disease.

Arthritis: Don’t Let Joint Pain Take You Out of the Game! 

Is arthritis the inevitable result of aging? Learn why we get arthritis and why it does not have to keep you back from life’s pleasures. This talk is the basis for many of the other talks in that it lays the foundation for understanding the contribution of blood flow problems to disease.

Oh, My Aching Back!  

Back pain is the most expensive and debilitating of all work injuries.  People spend their whole lives nursing injuries which for them are incapacitating, when if they only had an understanding of the physiology of the back their lives could be a success.  Learn how to over come back problems and enjoy living again.

Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Parkinsons 

Does anyone remember Alzheimer’s disease? What health rule are Parkinson's patients most likely to be in neglect of even 20 years before their disease manifest itself?

Health and Spirituality: The Mind/Body Connection 

The mind body connection effects more of one' s health than many realize. Is your thinking clear? Do you remember all the time? Learn the benefits of healthy living and healthy thinking.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Avoiding Surgery 

Many people have numbness and tingling in their fingers that wakes them at night. They often shake their hands trying to rid themselves of the dull feelings. Why do they get this? What can be done to remedy the situation short of surgery?

Stress Workshop by Jeni Skues 

Psycological stress may be the number one cause of the physical diseases from which people suffer. Come learn from clinical psychologist Jeni Skues how you can deal with issues of stress in your life.

High Blood Pressure: Control It Naturally  

Every third American has high blood pressure.  These hypertensives are three times more likely to have a heart attack and eight times more likely to suffer a stroke.  Fortunately, most cases of hypertension can be reversed in weeks by simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Why Charcoal? Home Remedy Must 

When you are sick, suffering pain, or battling some infection, why should you first consider a simple and natural remedy like medicinal charcoal instead of pharmaceutical drugs?

There are at least FIVE good reasons why you should choose a natural remedy such as medicinal charcoal, and at least FIVE good reasons why you should not choose pharmaceutical drugs as you first line of treatment.

Glorify God - Bible Health 

Sanctuary Health - Purity and Health 

Heads or Tails - Snake Behind the Tree 

Healthy Mind Happy Body - with Jenifer Skues Part 1

Healthy Mind Happy Body - with Jenifer Skues Part 2

Healthy Mind Happy Body - with Jenifer Skues Part 3