If you have a problem with alcohol, this may be one of the most important books you have ever read. It will show you the problems and dangers in drinking liquor. But more important, it will give you unusually complete information on how to quit.

In fact, you will find more worthwhile information on how to quit in this book—than in most any other single book you can purchase at any price.

It is not difficult to become an alcoholic. Just keep drinking, and in the course of time you are very likely to become one.

The only way out is to quit. But—first—you must want to stop. While living in Illinois, we had a friend who was so affable that the entire farm community liked him. But he was also an alcoholic. Once we had a long talk together with him, and he explained that he would rather keep drinking. He said he liked drinking and he liked getting drunk. .

But years of drinking alcohol had weakened certain internal organs, and about a year after that conversation we buried him. Yet he was only in his early forties and had a fine wife and several sweet children. FIRST, you must want to stop. You are tired of drinking, and you are tired of all the trouble it keeps bringing into your life. Yes, you may have problems —but alcohol is the biggest one, and the cause of most of the others. You know it. You admit it. You are ready now to break with it.

SECOND, you are going to read this booklet all the way to the end—and carry your decision through. There is help in this little book; help that you need just now.— Vance Ferrell