From Sickness to Health

It is best to watch these presentations sequentially, as the build on each other.

3006 - The True Cause of Disease Part 1 / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O'Neill

One of the main theories as to why disease happens is the gene theory. In part 1 of The True Cause of Disease we will cover the inside workings of the cells. Our DNA is a plan, a blueprint. If there’s something amiss in the blueprint, this can affect our cells, and in turn, we become ill with disease. Some of the causes of damage to DNA can include chemicals, GMOs, mineral deficiencies, excess heavy metal exposure, and more. These can turn healthy cells into rogue cells that contribute to disease. Join naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill in this scientific and eye-opening presentation about disease, the causes, and what we can do to combat it from a root level.

3007 - The True Cause of Disease Part 2 / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

Everyone falls ill once in awhile. Importantly, when we inevitably get sick, we need to ask WHY. Could it be fungus? Mould? Antibiotics? It is a combination of lifestyle and diet, and we need to be patient investigators to discover just WHY we are becoming ill. Learn about the discovery of antibiotics and what they truly are. Are they actually beneficial? The human body was masterfully created to heal itself given the right conditions. We may not need all that the pharmaceutical companies throw at us. Naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill will help clarify some of the causes behind disease to help us understand WHY disease happens. Education is so important. We need to learn as much as we can about our own bodies, so watch now to inform yourself.

3008 - Women's Health / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

When we start investigating why someone might be ill, the missing link could involve hormones. Men, this lecture gives insight to the mysteries of the female sex. Have a fuller understanding of the inner workings of women’s health in this in-depth presentation. In this lecture with naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill we will investigate the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, learn what makes hormones run, what throws hormones out, and how we can bring hormones back into balance.

3009 - Heart Health / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

The two biggest killers today are cancer and heart disease. Millions are diagnosed with heart diseases each year, and though it may seem unavoidable, there are actually healthy ways to prevent a sick heart. Did you know that there is a clear way to have a healthy heart? You start with more oxygen, which in turn strengthens the blood, and with healthy blood, you have a healthy heart! So how can we add more oxygen to our blood? We all know that exercise is part of the 8 laws of health, but did you know there is a specific type of exercise that is especially good for our blood, and in turn our hearts?

3010 - The Wonder of Law / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

If we are given a law that is meant to give us better health and therefore a better life, what happens if we break that law? There are three main parts of health: physical, mental, and moral. These three elements can drastically improve and better our situation when taken together. However, if even one of these components is misaligned, we can suffer the consequences. So with a perfect balance, we can achieve better health. Join naturopathic doctor Dr. Barbara O’Neill in this health lecture about the laws of health in physical, mental, and moral capacities.

3011 - Osteoporosis / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will look at what causes the deterioration of our bones and learn what we can do to strengthen them. Naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill reviews the 12 different minerals and discusses the 64 trace minerals needed for good bone health. Learn about the types of protein, oils, vegetables, and exercise that can contribute to improved bone density! Come along in this informative health lecture to discover how we can overcome osteoporosis.

3012 - Healing the Gut / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

Our gastrointestinal tract is 8 meters long. Everything we put into our mouths is broken down in this lengthy tract and used for energy, so we’d better know what’s going on in the gut! We need to understand the house we live in and understand our bodies. So let’s journey together from the mouth through the entire gastrointestinal tract to learn the amazing process of processing food! This journey changes the foods we consume into substances that energizes the blood and is used by all our cells. In this easy to understanding presentation, Naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill will review the entire gastrointestinal system so we can learn what affects our gut, and in turn how we can heal our gut!

3013 - Decoding Diabetes / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

Follow along with Doctor Barbara O’Neill’s educational and scientific lecture to learn all about diabetes, what it means, and why it isn’t ever as hopeless as it might seem. What do carbs have to do with it? How does glucose factor in? How can food cause illness, but also heal us? If we follow God’s prescriptions for health and make informed lifestyle choices we can create the perfect environment for our bodies to heal themselves!

3014 - Physical and Spiritual Effects of Fasting / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O’Neill

What exactly is fasting and what are its benefits? What actually happens to our bodies during a fast? See how fasting was historically used to benefit the body. Discover how glucose and fat gets stored and how these things affects the body during a fast. We have storage and backups in our body when we are not taking in food, so the energy that is normally reserved for digesting a meal is used elsewhere. Learn about how excess energy can then go to areas of greatest need to help the body heal itself. In this lecture with Doctor Barbara O’Neill we will learn all about fasting. Fasting provides more than just physical effects, but spiritual effects as well.

3015 - God's Method of Healing from the Bible / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O'Neill

There are millions of health books and videos out there, but how do we know which one to turn to? Perhaps after all this time it really is best to return to the original health plan set by God! The Bible is the great prescription book for our health. In this spiritually informative health presentation we will look to the Holy Bible and the Ministry of Healing for the best prescriptions for health. We can start by eliminating nasty habits and getting back into natural treatments, which are God’s methods for healing!


We live in the time where were not required to move as much. Stagnant pool breed diseases, stagnant body bring diseases. Lets find out why exercise is an absolute essential part of a health human body.