What Worries Me About 5G 

No one had ever seen rain, or dreamed that water could flood the earth, Noah was told by God to warn the world and instructed to build an ark, to let everyone know that the Lord would save them by believing the message and going into the ark before the rain came.  Only when the people saw the animals entering into the ark did they stop in amazement, but their disbelief of a world-wide flood and the fear of ridicule prevented them. All were lost apart from those within the ark.
Our current warning is to get out of the cities and the densely populated areas as soon as possible.   Why?  Keep reading. 
With the roll out of 5G, the next generation of digital cellular networks, we will soon see of a huge increase of disease and death.  5G not only affects human beings, but will be destroying the health and life of insects, birds, animals, and plants.  Hundreds of scientists, doctors and other professionals are trying their best to warn people via social media, YouTube and other platforms, but mainstream media does not promote this information.  We fear for those who will not listen.  
Please look at this video clip that is 21:42 mins long.  It is from a legislation hearing regarding 5G and has two physician researchers who give testimony as to the dangers.  It is absolutely true what they are saying

2 Doctors WARNING On 5G DANGERS Before Cell-Tower 

Legislation Hearing!

It is not just 5G that will hurt us. Our current (and past) digital cellular networks (3G, 4G LTE) are causing enormous and immeasurable damage.  There is abundant scientific evidence that electro-magnetic fields (radiation) are destroying people’s health.   Electro-magnetic radiation comes from a myriad of sources. What are these sources? Mobile/cellular phones, smart meters, microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, WiFi modems, mobile/cellular towers, small cell antennas, smart appliances, smart cars, compact fluorescent light bulbs, tablets, iPads, and dirty electricity are just some that are prevalent today.