102 and 108 years young

Published on Oct 18, 2016

Meet Dr Ellsworth Wareham. 102 year young, vegan for over 50 years and only retired from being a heart surgeon at the young age of 95! In this video Find out more about this remarkable man’s life and secret to longevity. 

Sub note: When we first started ‘Vegan Health and Inspiration’ I mentioned you can be an unhealthy vegan too. If you missed that video and want to know why, check it out here - Vegan Health And Inspiration:

Loreen Dinwiddie celebrated her 108th birthday Feb. 4, 2011. Loreen was born in 1903, in the Seattle, Wash., area, attended Walla Walla College, and married Frank Steunenberg in 1923. They have lived in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and California, where Frank was a teacher and minister. They had two daughters: Alice Willoughby and Beth Allen, and a granddaughter, Maureen Caldweld.

After moving to the retirement center in 1973, Loreen married Harold Dinwiddie in 1975. She is a talented oil painter, a vegan, and has been studying nutrition for the last 35-40 years.