Cracking the Genesis Code

1. Cracking The Genesis Code

2. The Serpent, the Woman, and the Seed

3. History’s Golden Thread

4. History’s Golden Conspiracy

5. Messiah’s Family Tree

6. The Paradox of Good and Evil

7. What on Earth is Happening?

8. The Genuine & the Counterfeit

9. The Giant Slayer

10. Quality Time in the Rat Race of Life

11. The (almost) Forgotten Day

12. Two Devastating End Time Deceptions

13. Noah’s Flood, Myth or Fact?

14. New Age or Ancient Lie 

15. Keys to the Mystery of Life and Death

16. Lessons From Sodom and Gomorrah 

17. Globalism and the New World Order

18.Abraham and Covenant Promises

19. Israel and the Palestinians

20. The Battle For World Dominion

21. The Prince and the Dragon

22. The Anti-Christ & the Number 666

23. 9/11 and the Destiny of America

24. Lessons From the Forbidden Tree

25. Armageddon, Earth’s Final Battle

26.Genesis and the 144,000

27. Genesis & Revelation’s Millennium

28. How To Overcome Guilt and Failure

29. The Eight Health Secrets in Genesis

30. How To Invest In Your Future

31. Sow A Character, Reap A Destiny

32. How To Choose the Right Church

33. Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

34. The Return of the War Hero

35. God’s Heavenly Council

36. The Ladder & The Tower

37. Genesis and the Gift of Prophecy

38. Innocent Until Proven Guilty

39. The Base Crime of Amalgamation

40. God’s Method of Discipline

41. Unshakeable, Unbreakable Faith

42. And They Lived Happily Ever After

43. One Greater Than Joseph

44. The Matchmaker

45. History’s Invisible Guide

46. The Enemy Within the Gates

47. The Priesthood of Melchizedek

48. Eternal Loss For a Plate of Lentils

49. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

50. The Enoch Generation

51. Creation’s Travail & Deliverance

52. A Warning For the Mockers