5 - Messiah’s Family Tree

In this presentation, which expands on similar themes that have been discussed in the last couple sermons, Pastor Bohr traces how Jesus Christ took Adam's place as the son of God and representative of our race by coming to this earth, overcoming sin in our human nature and presenting His perfect life before the Father in His sacrifice on the cross. In this way, He recovered the kingship, dominion and eternal life that Adam had forfeited by giving his allegiance to the devil and becoming his slave. 

In the Bible, Jesus is called both the Son of God and the Son of Man. He is the Ladder from heaven and is the only real priest that has ever lived, since He is both fully God and man and therefore understands the nature of both. He could not have saved us if He only had the nature of God, therefore, He became the Kinsman-Redeemer of our race as our older Brother and is therefore pledged to protect us from the bully Satan and his abuses when we call on His name in faith. 

Pastor Bohr discusses how far down the ladder in His human nature that Jesus came to both understand and save us. He also shows why Christ is called both the Father and the Son of Abraham and David. He ends by showing how we become sons and daughters of God by faith and that baptism is the symbol that we are now the brothers and sisters of Jesus and have taken His family name upon us.

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