6 The Paradox of Good & Evil

In this lesson, Pastor Bohr examines Ezekiel 28 and other texts which provide us glimpses into the mystery of how Lucifer, who was created perfectly by God, made choices which turned him into the being who has caused such havoc in the universe. He somehow let his God-given wisdom, beauty, riches and power be directed to increasingly selfish ends rather than in sharing with others. He turned against the very principles of the Law that he had been a covering cherub for and has, since then, battled to overthrow God and His government. He convinced many angels to buy his lies that created beings are inherently gods in themselves and do not need to look to an outside source for guidance on what is good or evil, and, after being expelled from heaven, he took those same arguments to earth and overthrew our race. 

The main weapons Satan uses against us are deceit and force. In his attack against Christians in the last days, he will appear as an angel of light, working through various ministers and religious leaders to get them to separate God's law from love and tell their hearers that some of the Ten Commandments were done away with at the cross and that we do not need them all to show us what true love is. 

This sermon will show you how, by examining the arguments satan used on the angels and on Adam and Eve, we can escape from those same tried and true formulas that he will try to use on us to separate us from the love of the truth, for: "In the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" (1Tim. 4:1).

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