4. History’s Golden Conspiracy

This presentation continues in the same vein as part three, by looking behind the scenes of history in the stories of Job, Ahab's death, and King Herod slaying the children, but spends most of the time examining the story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. This event is a prime example of the supernatural battle fought out in human history as promised in Genesis 3:15, as Satan arranges things that appear to stop the Messiah/Seed from coming, but God uses an extraordinary means to keep the holy line afloat. 

It is a beautiful story that shows that God used both Jews and Gentiles as progenitors in the line of the Seed who would someday save all peoples who believed in Him. The Bible is not Israel centered, but Seed centered. The holy line of the patriarchs before the flood and the line that continued in Israel after the flood were God's chosen means to bring the Messiah into the world, but they were not the only people God wanted to save. All peoples who accept the true and only viable Seed of Abraham, Christ, become His seed by faith and sharers in the promises made to Abraham. 

Pastor Bohr discusses the Hebrew laws of the kinsman/redeemer that were applied in this story and how they are an illustration of what Jesus would come down and do for us as the divine/human Brother and Redeemer of all peoples. Jesus would restore Adam's lost dominion, redeem us from the slavery his sin brought upon the human race and give us access once more to the Tree of eternal life. This beautiful and touching sermon shows that Satan's conspiracy to thwart God's plans in history always backfires.

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