2. The Serpent, the Woman and the Seed

This presentation covers the entrance of sin into the world and how mankind lost their God-given robe of light and righteousness and became spiritually naked. But, as soon as man sinned, the plan of salvation that had been conceived since "the foundation of the world" was put into effect. God had Adam see for himself what sin costs by killing innocent lambs to make skins to cover their nakedness instead of the fig leaf garments they had made for themselves, thus showing that we have no power to clothe our nakedness of sin and only the death of Christ, the Lamb, can do so. 

Pastor Bohr also discusses how sin is the cause of all the psychological and marital problems in the world today, because Adam and Eve experienced fear, shame, and guilt and were shifting the blame for their sin. He shares how the glorious promise of Genesis 3:15 gave them hope that a Seed would come who would destroy the serpent, but would have to suffer in doing so. But there would be a long struggle coming, that began with the loss of Abel, as Satan tried to prevent the Seed from coming, and, having failed to do that, Revelation 12 expands Genesis 3:15 and shows how the serpent's fight will continue to the end against those God is saving, purifying and preparing to take home with Him. 

Genesis 3:15 is the seed code for the rest of the Bible and its history of the struggle between the woman, her Seed, and the remnant of her seed against the devil and his seed.

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