3. History’s Golden Thread

This presentation continues in more detail what was outlined in part two. Pastor Bohr traces in detail the two methods Satan used against the holy seed down through the events of Bible history, starting with the slaying of Abel and the corruption of the holy line, when the sons of God mixed marriages with the seed of Cain just before the flood, and going right on down to the persecution of the remnant in the last days. The captivities of Israel; the hard time they had entering Canaan; the famines; the persecutions; the descents of God's people into worldliness and idolatry were all used by him to try to snuff out any chance of the Messiah coming, yet God always has a counterbalance to his plans. 

All the stories of the Bible have this same thread of two supernatural powers working behind the scenes of history woven through them. Satan, having failed at keeping Abraham's promised Seed, Jesus, from coming, now vents his fury upon Christ's body, His church, as he uses the same two methods of compromise with the world and persecution to accomplish his ends against the remnant of the woman's holy seed.

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