Healthier Choices

 Life at its Best!  - 5 presentations

by Professor Walter Veith

Old Mountain Remedies Walt Cross 

6 video presentations

Our kitchen is more than just a place to cook and find food – it is a medicine cabinet full of remedies that we can use to our benefit. In this series with Walt Cross we will be looking at many natural remedies that are affordable and accessible with recipes to help our bodies heal themselves.

From Sickness to Health - Dr. Barbara O’Neill

11 very informative presentations. Watch them in order as they build on each other!

20+ Dr. John Clark, Julie Clark & Jeni Skues Presentations        Avoiding Major Health Issues  By Your Daily Choices  

Removing the Mystery Behind Disease  series  of 6 presentations

Learn practical steps from Rudy and Jeanie Davis to prevent and even reverse diseases we consider incurable.

Diabetes and Cancer

 Diabetes and cancers are so common in today's culture. Will they always pervade our nightmares, or are their solutions and cures?