"The nations raged,... but Your wrath has come,... destroying those who destroy the earth.   Revelation 11:18

If You Thought Chemtrails Were Fake -Take a Look at This

Ozone Layer Collapse, A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns Of Planetary Omnicide ( Dane Wigington )

The Strange California Fires of October/November 2018

         The Terrible Twins (Part 1 & 2)

When you begin to think like this you ask questions like, “Is it worse to cut down a tree, or to murder a human?  To a philosophically conscientious and consistent environmentalist—“It depends.”

What really happened at Fukushima in 2011?

The damage results of the reported massive 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan in May 2011 are shown in this extraordinary untampered video BEFORE the tsunami struck. This town is CLOSER to the epicenter than Fukushima. Please note the structural damage that MUST accompany an earthquake of that magnitude. It is NOT there. It had just experienced the most powerful earthquake ever to strike Japan. The tsunami comes in and overwhelms everything. Look closely for any damage and notice the attitudes of the citizens. Something is not right. The video was taken down.  Why?   It has been reposted from ‘saved’ archives.   Watch it while  you can.

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FUKUSHIMA Update 2018 (IT'S ALL DEAD!)  WatchmanReview

We don't hear much about Fukushima, do we? There is good reason for the media to ignore it. Join me as we look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster...then to now. The truth needs told, and it's scarier than you can imagine.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,   ( Dane Wigington ) February 17, 2018

Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from GeoengineeringWatch.org Carefully crafted social conditioning has convinced the majority of the US population that their government and military is just and benevolent. Does the historical record in any way support such a conclusion? We are all living in a real life version of “The Truman Show”, in which public perceptions are almost completely manipulated by mainstream media weapons of mass deception. Biosphere implosion continues to accelerate by the day, the power structure is preparing for World War lll in response. How much longer till the denial of the majority is shattered? So many factors are already far past the breaking point, major links in the chain of our current reality are likely to fall soon. Though the collapse of the paradigm we have formerly known is inevitable and near, the collective efforts of the already awakened could still positively alter the composition of what is unfolding. The sooner the sleeping masses are awakened to the converging catastrophes that are closing in, the better our odds of salvaging some semblance of our formerly thriving planet. Sharing credible information from a credible source is the most effective way to break through the barriers of denial. What will each of us choose to do with the time we have been given? Dane Wigington

Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare On World Populations  ( Dane Wigington ) Jan  2018

And below is the complete opposite point of view...

Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unraveling September 2017 


Hurricane Harvey: Refueled Three Times 

There are countless ways to see Harvey is not “Mother Nature,” but watching it disappear and refuel with massive Water Vapor Bursts three days in a row (at exactly the same time of day and from exactly the same areas)….

September 2017

Massive die-offs reported in Pacific Ocean — Officials: “No fish out there, anywhere, over a very large area”… “What’s happening? Where’s their food?” — “Alarming… Frightening… Total failure in reproduction… Like nothing we’ve ever observed before” ENENEWS

March, 2017

Collapse of Ocean Life June 4,2015 ENENEWS

UPDATE JUNE 15, 2015

Pollution Is Killing Us October 27, 2017

9,000,000. That’s the number of people killed in 2015 by pollution.

ClimateGate 2 - NOAA Whistleblower Claims World Leaders Fooled By Fake Global Warming Data - Again Feb 2017

UN/Papal Climate Agreement to enter into force on November 4, 2016

The Paris Climate Agreement Won't Change the Climate  - video

It becomes obvious the globalist science fraud is engineered to control humanity, not save it.

Government study finds link between cell 

phones and cancer in rats

$25 million study from the National Institutes of Health looked at brain tumors in animals

 May 27, 2016

Humanity rapidly depleting one third of Earth’s 

largest aquifers - July 12, 2015                 from THE WATCHERS


Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it