MAY 2011 JAPAN Tsunami Video

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The damage results of the reported massive 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan in May 2011 are shown in this untampered video AFTER the quake and BEFORE the tsunami struck. This town is closer to the epicenter than Fukushima. It had just experienced the most powerful earthquake ever to strike Japan. Please note the structural damage that MUST accompany an earthquake of that magnitude. It is NOT there. The enormous  tsunami comes in and overwhelms everything. Look closely for any damage and notice the attitudes of the citizens. Something is not quite right…

Please note the video above has been disabled. Why? 

Did it reveal a situation that could not be explained by the observable facts?   Something is not right.

Below is a ‘saved’ video of the events as they happened. I hope it is also not disabled. If it is please contact us and we will repost it. Again.

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