1 LANDMARKS OF PROPHECY Episode 1- Dream of the Ages

Published on Nov 2, 2014

Many people are concerned about what the future holds. In our premier presentation, Doug Batchelor shows that no matter how far and wide we look, we’ll only find one source of true prophecy—the Bible. While many claim to know the future, only the Scriptures have been shown to be reliable. And we have the proof! Hold on to your seats, because this amazing program is an example of why you can trust God’s amazing Word.

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 1 Landmarks of Prophecy 1 Dream of the Ages

 2 Landmarks of Prophecy 2 The Return of the King

 3 Landmarks of Prophecy 3 The Prince of Pride

 4 Landmarks of Prophecy 4 Ultimate Sacrifice

 5 Landmarks of Prophecy 5 The Devil’s Dungeon

 6 Landmarks of Prophecy 6 The Unchangeable Law 

 7 Landmarks of Prophecy 7 The Rest of the Work

 8 Landmarks of Prophecy 8 The Richest Caveman

 9 Landmarks of Prophecy 9 Bewitching Spirits

10 Landmarks of Prophecy 10 The Final Firestorm

11 Landmarks of Prophecy 11 Cleansing the Sanctuary

12 Landmarks of Prophecy 12 The Magnificent Kingdom

13 Landmarks of Prophecy 13 Born in a River

14 Landmarks of Prophecy 14 Bowing to the Beast

15 Landmarks of Prophecy 15 Marked for Death

16 Landmarks of Prophecy 16 The Woman of Truth

17 Landmarks of Prophecy 17 The Daughter’s Deadly Dance

18 Landmarks of Prophecy 18 Babylon’s Buffet

19 Landmarks of Prophecy 19 The King’s Ambassadors

20 Landmarks of Prophecy 20 True and False Prophets

21 Landmarks of Prophecy 21 The Goal of the Godly