WALTER ,and Sonya Veith Interview 2013 

Walter and Sonica Veith talk with Daniel Centeno about how God led them from atheism 

and the occult to a personal relationship with Him. In this three part interview, Walter 

shares his story of how he went from a rebellious child who hated God and religion to 

become a rising star as a university professor where he taught evolution-based science 

courses. Hear the Veiths tell of their experiences in the occult where encounters with 

poltergeists and out-of-body experiences were part of daily life. And learn how God 

patiently brought them, often through miraculous intervention, to a personal, saving 

relationship with Him. See how God worked to prepare Walter to become an 

international evangelist who has brought hope to thousands with the message of a

 personal, loving God who alone can deliver those trapped in Satan’s deceptions.

Part 1 - Searching For Truth

Part 2 - In God’s School

Part 3 - Go Tell the World