Via Ut Roma (Road to Rome)

We hesitated for quite a while before loading this online video.

We do NOT want to hurt you and in no way is this material directed at people - but at a corrupted system.  Please forgive us if you have been hurt. It is the truth and at times it can be very uncomfotable.

As current events are unfolding it is very possible this video will be taken down in the near future.

Below are comments from viewers about this production.

Sylvia49  Thank you for an updated Great Controversy understanding.   I love your commitment and the work you are doing this is the first source I have found that isn't holding anything back. Keep up this most important work ,you have really opened my eyes and the eyes of my whole family thank you so much.

stagno  God bless the work of true christians,and I pray that people would open their eyes ears and hearts to the TRUTH...

jbarger Very well done! I reccommend that if you are hearing these truths for the first time, that you look up the scriptures for yourself. The Bible says that the whole world wonders after the beast and if it were possible even the very elect could be deceived. The last events of earth's history will be rapid just prior the the return of Christ; that is why it is so important that you and those you love get right with God while there is time. Thank you Amazing Discoveries.

Keishathomas  Well researched and informative

Lightgatherer  People have gone to sleep and have not been on guard and looking for the enemy. This helps us see what is going on in our time, the time of Revelation.  The system is coming in to place where the image of the beast is going to be.  Spread the word and give this site to your friends and help those people who truly don't know.

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Description: Today, more than ever before, people are alarmed as they observe the restless, strained relations that exist among the nations. This is a generation that is searching for answers, a generation that wants to know what lies behind the news headlines. Via Ut Roma (Road to Rome), is a revealing, startling, timely and up-to-date documentary on prophetic revelation and current events.