“Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, [took] part in the Bilderberg Conference, an annual private gathering of global political, business and media leaders, taking place this year in Turin, Italy, June 7-10. Parolin’s name is included in the list of 131 participants in this year’s event."

“His participation in the meeting [had] not been officially announced by the Vatican, though sources within the Secretariat of State [had] confirmed that he [was] scheduled to take part in the meeting. It would be the first time high-ranking Vatican official has taken part in the Bilderberg Conferences.”

Perhaps Parolin’s participation shows how much the Vatican wants to influence global elites, but also how important the Vatican is becoming to world elites as they plan their strategies for global control. Collaboration between the Vatican and global elites would certainly boost the Vatican’s claim of world spiritual dominance.

“Started in 1954 the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, and named after the same hotel, the Bilderberg Conference gathers each year some 120-150 participants, among them European and North American political elites, along with industrial, financial, academic and media figures…

“According to the groups’ official website, about two-thirds of the participants come from Europe, and the rest from North America, and one-third are political figures or government officials.

“The original meeting objective was to strengthen U.S.-European relations. Over the years, the annual meetings became a forum for discussion on a wider range of topics, from ecology to trade and monetary policies.”

All of this is in the service of strengthening the power of the global elites and fending off threats to their dominance, such as populism, social unrest and other matters. 

“This year’s meeting is set to discuss populism in Europe, the challenges of inequality, the future of work, artificial intelligence, U.S. midterm elections, free trade, U.S. global leadership, Russia, quantum computing, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the post-truth world, and other current events.”

Think about the topic “the future of work.” Could that have anything to do with Sunday trading and industry. Work has become the battleground in Europe and in other places for what is known as “work-life balance.” This is an attempt to stress the human need of strong family ties, recreation and sports, along with worship and reflection as the basis for laws regulating Sunday activities. But the Vatican is, no doubt, interested in all of these topics listed as the subjects for this year’s meeting since they all impinge on areas that the Vatican wants to influence. 

“The Bilderberg meeting’s official website stresses that discussions are private, no minutes are taken and no reports are written. The meetings are held under the so-called “Chatham House Rules…” According to that agreement, participants are free to use the information received, but they cannot disclose the identity nor the affiliation of speakers, nor can they disclose the other participants taking part in the conversation.

“Dubbed by critics to be a kind of “global shadow government,” and targeted by protesters who picket the meeting, the Bilderberg meeting has had an official website since 2011, and publishes the names of participants in the annual meeting the day before the gathering begins.

“Parolin’s participation may be an expression of the “culture of the encounter” encouraged by Pope Francis. The pope has often asked officials to engage a dialogue with the world.” 

And this would certainly be that! Parolin the Vatican’s first foreign diplomat has ties to the Bilderbergers through their organization. Roman Catholics manage the Bilderberg meetings mostly. So it would make sense for the Vatican to send Parolin to the meeting. 

“The cardinal’s participation in the Bilderberg Group could be part of a strategy of dialogue the Holy See is engaging with the small influential elite group.

“It is noteworthy that last year, Parolin took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and there he delivered a speech in which he listed the aims of pontifical diplomacy.”

“All the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3.

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