CREATION Vs. Evolution

Zombie Science: Undead Darwinian Icons

“Science educators” (really Darwinian propagandists) do not want to give up on many common Darwinian memes, even though they are invalid.  David Read Aug 2019     

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David Gelernter Abandons Darwin

David Gelernter is convinced that Darwinism is dead. He reviewed Stephen Meyer’s “Darwin’s Doubt” in the May edition of the Claremont Review of Books, in a piece entitled, “Giving up Darwin.”

Michael Behe: Darwin Devolves

In “Darwin Devolves,” we learn that recent genomic studies show that intra-generic evolution and speciation is not driven by new genetic information being created by DNA copying errors, but rather by the opposite: the loss of genetic information. 

Dr. Robert Gentry appears on "Better Life Today' with his daughter Pattie Guthrie to discuss his work with radio halos in granite, proof he says, that counters the theory of the big bang. Dr. Gentry is interviewed by Pastor Bob & Anita Heisler. For convenience the original 4 half hour interviews have been combined into this one video.