The Beast Roars

Sunday Law News Report The Beast Roars. The beast is using the brilliant strategy of combining traditional Catholicism with conservative Evangelicalism to enforce Sunday worship. The facts are all there, it`s simply a matter for you to see them.

Since the video above in “unavailable” the video here is a timely update.

Pope Francis the Jesuit who at the behest of his master the devil, is silently pulling the strings in Washington, D.C. The Jesuit order has one goal and one goal only, and that is to bind all religions under Catholic domination.

What I'm attempting to do is to show you in what ways prophecy is being fulfilled. As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that church and state has been prophesied as coming together to initiate a climate of persecution for God's remnant people.

Today, God's Spirit is still striving with mankind, to save as many people as the Lord can, and the full power of Satan is being kept in check. But once God's Spirit is removed from the earth, the powers of darkness will unleash it's complete fury upon mankind.

The public does not see the vice president like a buffoon like his boss, instead he is a calm and smiling puppet master. 

While Trump is on record for saying that in the past he has grabbed women’s privates, Pence is all gentlemanly charm with his shy smile and quiet demeanor.

He obscures a whole platform of intolerant views with language that’s surprisingly hard to argue with—and often stirringly sincere.

Pence is a strong supporter of stop-and-frisk programs, which in New York were used overwhelmingly against people of color. “It’s on a sound constitutional footing,” said Pence, who added that he wanted the practice expanded nationwide.

In other words, this is a dangerous man who will bring Catholics and Protestants together to enforce religious bigotry.

Mike Pence was born and raised Catholic, he became a Catholic youth minister and reportedly wanted to be a priest.

Pence wants the U.S. to resume the practice of holding new prisoners at Guantánamo Bay or, as Trump put its, they plan “to fill it up.” Pence also supports expanded use of the military tribunal system