One Church’s Letter

One church’s letter to their conference that has chosen not to follow the General Conference’s recent vote against women’s ordination.

Recently, this letter has been brought to my attention. It has been sent to their conference leadership that have chosen to continue to rebel against the General Conference stand (July 8, 2015) on women’s ordination. I hope this may help other churches who are dealing with this same issue.

Dear ___________ Conference leadership,

We as a congregation believe there are many roles for women in our church structure and support their involvement; however, according to scripture, we do not support ordaining women as pastors or elders (I Tim 3 and Titus 1).

We believe that leadership roles in the Old and New Testaments are clear and the positions are gender specific. We also believe that qualifications for elders are clear and gender specific. 

The question of headship for us is quickly settled when we look at what scripture says about God being the head of Christ....God is head of Christ as Christ is head of man and man is head of woman. 1 Corinthians 11:3

We agree that women have been oppressed in many parts of the world and there is no excuse for this behavior. However, does this mean that a decision can be made against scripture and Bible authority? We feel it is significant to note the origin of the Women’s Rights movement: it began in the 1850’s and was born through spiritualism via seance and trance speaking. We do not want to be part of this satanic movement. ( See Radical Spirits , Ann Braude, Beacon Press 1989.)

On July 8, 2015 the General Conference voted in session not to allow world divisions of the SDA church to decide for themselves whether to ordain women to gospel ministry in their territories. This was to us a clear decision.  Is our conference adhering to this vote or do we remain in rebellion?

What can be done to realign the church with the scriptures?  We would suggest that first, of course, we must pray earnestly and ask God for forgiveness, and then take the necessary steps in all areas that need change.

So this is where we stand on this issue. We believe it is the Lord’s side and it is our earnest desire, with the Lord Jesus Christ about to break through the clouds, that we become one, laying aside all thoughts that may divide. 

In Christian love,

The ________________ Seventh-day Adventist Church