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GREATCONTROVERSY.ORG  A positive place on the web for the Third Angel's Message Symposium  presentations about God and His people at the End on Time Stephanie Griffin’s journey into Spiritual Formation—and God’s power of deliverance!

Family FIRST Radio Network Seven full-time "Christian Talk” stations

Dennis Priebe Seminars  Free documents on Biblical truth and revelation - Great resource for audio and video recordings  - Our Historic Teachings are worth defending, for they are totally correct. - Philippians Two Five Publishing - Our purpose is to fulfill the commission of God. -  Did Ellen White plagiarize?  Goal is to promote, publish, and proclaim the Three Angels Messages from Revelation 14: 6-12 - hosted by John Branshaw    - a great reference for Biblical and Current Scientific Study - an amazing site for Biblical truth, reference, and sharing Voice of Prophecy with new speaker -Shaun Boonstra List and maps of the 20 largest earthquakes during the past 24 hours audio & video presentations about marriage, family, and personal relationships with God   250 sermons from Pastor Walter Fry - find your Bible text on the internet a Christ-centered, Bible-based,perspective on current events and issues within the church. main source of content is Brief Bible Readings for Busy People - The OFFICIAL Ellen G. White Website - Steve Wohlberg -The Advent Pioneer PDF E-Book Research Library - Keep the Faith News - Preparing you for the final conflict between good and evil

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