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Daniel 2: URGENT Bible Prophecy for TODAY!

This Bible prophecy of Daniel 2 gives us powerful evidence that the Bible can be trusted. This urgent, apocalyptic prophecy predicted 2500 years of history in advance, leading all the way to our day today! We can be confident that the final event of this prophecy will come to pass just as the rest of it!


7 INCREDIBLE Bible Facts that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

These 7 Bible facts help you learn the truth about the reliability of the Bible! Can the Bible be trusted? See how Bible Prophecy, the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Meesha Stele, scientific discoveries, and more reveal if the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible can be trusted! The Bible has been the most controversial book in human history. It has been burned, banned, belittled, and attacked, but it still stands! Some claim that it is not rational or intelligent to believe the Bible. This video addresses those claims and helps you to decide for yourself if is reasonable to accept the Bible as truth. Throughout the ages, men such as William Tyndale, John Huss, John Wycliffe, and many more have shed their blood for the Bible. Did they die in vain? Is the Bible that sits on your desk truly the inspired Word of God? The Bible does not teach that individuals should have a blind faith devoid of evidence. Isaiah 1:18 reads “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord…” This video strives to reveal if there truly is evidence in which we can base our faith on. It's important that we are aware of this evidence: 1 Peter 3:15 reads “…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you…”


The Fall of Lucifer, His Strategies, and YOUR Plan for VICTORY!

In this full-production video, you will learn about the rise and fall of Lucifer, also known as the devil, or Satan. You will discover his subtle strategies to defeat you, and learn you can be victorious! This video will explore the specific role Lucifer had in Heaven, and allegations that He made against God – this is often not covered in similar videos, and is essential to our understanding of salvation and the battle between good and evil. We will explore Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 in order to cast the spotlight on this powerful fallen angel. We will learn what led to his expulsion from Heaven, and how demons came to this earth. Many see the chaos, confusion, and death in this world, and ask “How could a God of love allow this?” “Is God to blame for all of the pain and suffering on this planet?” This video will address these popular questions, and will explain why God permits this rebellion to continue and run its course for the time being. Most importantly, you will see how the “great controversy” between good and evil relates to you, and how the devil works to destroy you. It is critical that we have a good understanding of the battle plans of our enemy. It is also essential that we know how we can be victorious!


Salvation: How to Have Eternal Life 


Salvation – how to have eternal life? In order to receive this free gift, you must believe on Jesus Christ. But what does this mean? This video will describe God’s powerful plan of Salvation and how you can have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life! This powerful story will change your life! Discover new, profound insights into the plan of Salvation! Discover the identity of the Lamb of Revelation in Bible prophecy, and see what this means for you! You will learn the specific steps needed to become saved, and to have peace with God. The powerful video will show you God’s plan to restore mankind, including you, back to His image! Make sure you stay to the end, where we have included a heart-warming special feature – a tribute to the life of Jesus set to music. Please watch, like, and share with those you want to see brought closer to Jesus!


The TRUTH About Death - May SHOCK You!

What is the truth about death? What REALLY happens when you die? The truth may SHOCK you! Much of the Christian world has been deceived on this critical topic! We will go right to the BIble to get the truth on one of Satan's greatest end-time deceptions!


5 FACTS About DEATH You're NOT Being Told!

Millions have been deceived on the topic of death. What you believe about death will directly affect you in these last days, as this is a central issue in end-time Bible prophecy. This video will address key questions about death – Is the soul separate from the body? Can we speak to our dead loved ones? Do people go directly to heaven or hell when they die? Can humans have immortality, and if so, when will this be? Make sure to carefully watch each of the 5 facts in this video, so that you can avoid being deceived!


5 LIES About HELL That You’ve Probably Been Taught!

The character of God is under attack! These 5 lies about Hell have caused many to reject God and lose eternal life. Make sure you are not deceived! This video will debunk several false teachings about hell that have deceived the majority of Christians, and tarnished the Character of God. We will cover key questions about Hell - Will the wicked burn in hell forever? Is hell burning right now? Where is hell located? What does God think about hell? Is the devil in charge of hell? We will also address several Bible verses that are often misunderstood – such as the rich man and Lazarus and many more. Make sure you watch to the end, as this powerful video on hell will help you to understand God’s character and be better prepared for these last days!


The Ten Commandments 

10 Facts you NEED to Know!

The ten commandments, also known as the Law of God, are under attack. In this full-production video, you will learn 10 powerful facts about the 10 commandments. A misunderstanding of just 1 of these 10 facts could cost you eternal life. Many well-meaning Christians have lost sight of the role and purpose of God’s law – an understanding that is essential to every Christian. Make sure carefully watch all 10 facts in this video, as each has eternal importance. You will learn critical truths, such as "Were the 10 commandments nailed to the cross?", "What does Jesus' death teach us about the 10 commandments?", and "What will be the standard by which all men which be judged?" You will also discover the clear Biblical difference between the law of God and the law of Moses. At the end, I will reveal how it is possible to faithfully obey the ten commandments!


What is the UNPARDONABLE Sin? 7 FACTS!

What is the unpardonable sin? This is one of the greatest questions in the Christian world! Your eternal salvation depends on your understanding of this question! What exactly does the Bible teach about the one sin that is unforgivable? What does blasphemy against the holy spirit really mean? These questions and more will be answered straight from the Bible in this short but powerful feature!


Have I Committed the Unpardonable Sin?!

In this special edition of Bible Study Live, we will discuss some a questions that MANY people have been asking me, and will take your Bible questions as well!


10 Things That Will Happen When JESUS RETURNS!

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is the most anticipated event in human history, and it is soon to come! However, many sincere Christians have dangerous misunderstandings about this great event that could cost them eternal life! What will the return of Jesus really be like? Will we see it and hear it, or will it be a secret? Who will come with Jesus when He returns? What physical phenomenon will accompany Jesus’ return? Will He return as a spirit, or a real being? What will Jesus bring with Him when He returns? What will happen to the wicked when He returns? What about the righteous? How can I be prepared for this great event?! Make sure to watch each of these 10 things that will happen when Jesus returns, so that you can be ready!


10 Thrilling Facts About HEAVEN That May SURPRISE You!

No eye has seen, and no mind can truly imagine what God has in store for us in Heaven. Join me on this inspiring journey through the Bible as we discover 10 thrilling facts about Heaven! Heaven has captivated the imaginations of Christians for thousands of years. However, most Christians don’t fully understand what the Bible actually says about Heaven. What will Heaven be like? Will we have real bodies there? What activities will we be doing in Heaven? My hope is that these 10 facts will not only reveal to you the beautiful realities of Heaven, but that they will inspire you to be there some day!


The Antichrist: 10 Proofs from the Bible! 

[It Exists TODAY]

The Antichrist. This very word has been the source of fascination and intrigue for thousands of years. This mysterious being will be at the center of end-time Bible prophecy, and will even be responsible for the infamous Mark of the Beast. It is critical that we accurately identify this power. Numerous theories have swarmed about who the Antichrist truly is. In this video, we will provide no speculation or rumors, but will go right to the Bible to identify this Antichrist power. We should be grateful to Jesus for giving us the message of warning and love! This video exposes great deception, and I ask that you please pray before watching it.


The MARK of the BEAST 

The MARK of the BEAST 

The Mark of the Beast – the most urgent warning in all of human history. Many Christians are confused on what this mysterious Mark is. This knowledge is essential because whoever receives the mark will be eternally destroyed. We will go straight to the Bible to reveal with 100% certainty, the Mark of the Beast, and how you can avoid it! The full-production movie will also reveal the Fall of Lucifer, Plan of Salvation, the Law of God, the Seal of God, the Antichrist, the Change of the Sabbath, and the Mark of the Beast. The most solemn truths ever entrusted to mortal minds will be revealed in this video. Please pray before watching.


Mark of the Beast Questions!


The Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast

Who is the Antichrist, and what is the mysterious Mark of the Beast? In this video, we will go right to Bible to identify these critical end-time topics with 100% certainty!


Live Bible Answers!


2300 Day Prophecy: Mathematical Proof 

 We are Living in the Final Days!

The Bible has given us mathematical proof that we are living in the time of the end. What does this mean for you and me? You won’t want to miss this friend – stay tuned!


Signs of the Final Days - HAPPENING NOW

Are we truly living in the time of the end? What are the signs that prove this, and how are they being fulfilled? Most importantly, how can we be prepared for the soon return of Jesus?


America in Prophecy: Will She Speak as a Dragon?

In this video, we will go right to the Bible to discover the role of the United States in Prophecy – you may be shocked to learn the truth. The book of Revelation describes the rise of America, and it’s critical role in end-time events. How will America speak like a dragon? You won't want to miss this one!


The Change of The Sabbath 

 History's Greatest Hoax

Which day is the Bible Sabbath? Why do so many Christians worship on Sunday? Was the Sabbath changed?


God's True Church in the Last Days

Does God have a true church in these last days? What are the characteristics of this church, and how can I tell the difference between the true and the false?


God's Health Plan for the Final Days!

Does the book of Revelation give us any specific instruction about our own lifestyle? Does God have a plan of physical, mental and spiritual survival outlined in Revelation? Do our lifestyle choices really make a difference in the end times?


Baptism - God's Glorious Invitation to You!

You can have a new start with God. In this video, we will go right to the Bible to better understand an essential requirement, and a beautiful invitation that God gives to each of us.


The Gift of Prophecy in the Last Days

The Bible speaks of the gift of prophecy in the last days. But with so many people claiming to be a prophet, how can we tell the true from the false? Has God raised up a prophet for His people in the last days?


The Triumpant Return of 

King Jesus!

The second coming of Jesus Christ is the most anticipated, but often most understood event, in all of Christian history. In this video, we will go right to the Bible to discover the truth about this blessed hope, so that you can be prepared!


Heaven: Revelation's World of Tomorrow!

The human mind cannot even imagine the beautiful realities of Heaven. What will heaven really be like and what activities will we be doing there?


The MILLENIUM - Final Events of Bible Prophecy

The millennium – one of the most fascinating and misunderstood topics in all of scripture. Where will the righteous be during these 1000 years, and what will they be doing? What about the wicked? How can I be prepared for the millennium? We will now go right to the Bible to learn the truth!


Hell: Revelation's Lake of Fire

Will hell burn forever? Are people burning in hell right now? Where and when will hellfire burn? The answers to these questions may surprise you.

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