Ben Carson Excoriated For Telling The Truth About Transgenders

As HUD Secretary, he [Ben Carson] dismantled several Obama-era agendas for transgender people, saying he believes in equal rights, not “special rights.”  

Dec, 2019 

Judge rules Bible 'incompatible with human dignity

Adventist Today Media Ministry is in 

Apostasy for Affirming Homosexual 


August  2019 by 


This is a time for holy courage...for considerate yet unswerving commitment to say that day is day and night is night.  I ask that intelligent readers draw their conclusions after they have finished reading this.

Ingrained in society is the notion that homosexuals cannot change. This stance is not only incorrect, but a subtle yet direct attack against Christianity and a clever attempt to rob the gospel of power.

 ✔︎ Is there a connection between the push for female pastors (in the name of gender 

     equality) and the push to affirm the LGBT movement (in the name of sexual           

     orientation equality)?

 ✔︎ When churches approve female pastors (using the argument of gender equality),

     are they more likely to affirm practicing LGBT persons, using similar arguments?

 ✔︎   Does the Bible address female pastors and LGBT?

 ✔︎   Should we take the Bible literally, or not?

Is There A Connection?

with Steve Wohlberg & Ron Woolsey

May 2019

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Mar  2018 Gerry Wagoner Adventist Christians will either be a bulwark against political correctness or we will adopt it as our own--the ultimate editing of our souls.

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