Facial Recognition

Facial recognition being used at conferences and events

According to the above video, conferences and events across the globe have begun using facial recognition cameras to spy on everyone. You know, because people hate waiting in check-in lines.

Zenus a startup company based in Texas, claims their facial recognition software can speed up check-ins at conferences and events.

"Attendees have registered for a conference ahead of time, providing pertinent personal information and uploading a photo. On-site at the conference, that person steps up to a device—usually a tablet—where a camera scans the person’s face, using the image to call up her information and completing the check-in process digitally. "

image credit: zenus

According to an article in Xconomy, hotels and real estate conferences plan to use facial recognition to spy on everyone.

Zenus CEO Panos Moutafis, claims people love their product and claims that they don't identify anyone.

“People loved the system,” Moutafis says. “The organizer told us that it was five times faster than typical scanning methods.” 

"There is no personal information transferred from the platform, just the ‘face geometry’ that distinguishes individuals Moutafis said.”

But is he telling the truth?

Facial recognition cameras identify everyone

Zenus's 'Enhancing Events' page admits, that facial recognition cameras are being used to identify everyone.

"We would like to help you impress your guests no matter who they are. Our facial recognition solution can only be found in the movies and will surely blow their mind! It only takes a couple of seconds to recognize each attendee and you will be notified the moment your VIP arrives."

If you believe facial recognition cameras are being used only to identify VIPS, then I've got some moon real estate I would love to sell you.

Zenu's 'pricing page' explains, that they have more information about identifying everyone but they will have to charge you more money.

Facial recognition cameras are being used in hotelsretail storesmovie theaters and vacation destinations like the U.S. Virgin Islands. Pretty soon, there will be no place to hide from big brother.

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