Hell and Mr. Fudge

In 1970's Alabama, a young preacher struggles with his faith, and attacks from his church, after being hired to prove whether or not Hell exists

The Truth About Hell

Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Protestant Christianity all have diverse and often conflicting doctrines of hell, but many other religions in the world have views of hell as well. Whereas the devil is often thought to be the ruler of hell, Islam teaches that the devil will be punished there for eternity along with non-believers.

Hellfire Conspiracy Exposed

Does hellfire go out? What does the BIble say about an eternal burning hell? Is the Devil in charge of Hell? Is Hell burning right now? Find out in this biblical video.

Ghost Truth

Here you will learn the truth about ghosts and ghost movies. Who they really are and what they are trying to do. Ghost Truth is your final answer to the ghost mystery. 

Bill Clinton admits that Hillary is necromancer and talks to dead Eleanor Roosevelt

Oct 23, 2012

So - just who was Hillary talking to?