Dear Liberals, Continuing to Ordain Women Is Childish And Factious

NAD progressives, most of whom can spell ‘submission’ but can’t practice it, are introducing a flurry of ordinations this year. They’re trying to prove that they are above Church guidelines.

Most regular Adventists call it obnoxious and rebellious. What else could it be? It’s a remake of the old dried rebellion that caused the World Church Executive Committee to set up a mechanism to address “non-compliance” to world church votes. You’d think the liberals would ‘cool it’ in the run up to Fall Council 2018, maybe have a be-compliant-for-a-year moratorium on outright ecclesiastical anarchy. But you’d be wrong.

For liberals, it’s all about their taste buds. Having sampled the verboten fruit of insurrection, they find that nothing else satisfies their insatiable desires. “We would like to order a large rebellion to go” is their cry in the drive-thru speaker of western culture. “You want onions on that?” Sure!

Submission is bland, tasteless. But in-your-face-rebellion is the perfect stimuli for a perverted appetite, and they want their Church members (NAD) to eat it too. Who cares if it gives them a stomach ache later? Who cares if rebellion begets rebellion? It’s soo empowering, and it tastes good!

In 2018 alone there have been quite a few female ordinations in the NAD. For instance, there is

  • Lisa Hood at Ethan Temple, PA June 9, 2018
  • Chanda May Nunes, Capitol City SDA Church, Sacramento, CA June 23, 2018
  • Regina Johnson at Allegheney West Campgrounds, June 16, 2018
  • Shawna Campbell, Loma Linda, 9-23-2018
  • And numerous others . . .

Unable to contain their insurrectious spirit, NAD liberal conferences (which is a LOT of them) are revving up the old rebellion machine, and sticking an unwashed thumb in the eye of the entire Seventh-day Adventist Church. But, it’s soo empowering!

Sorry, “empowering” may be the wrong word. I think the term we’re searching for is “ridiculous.” Also, “childish,” “silly,” and “factious.” Especially as we come to the 2018 Annual Council in Battle Creek with the critical goal of resolving rebellion in the Church. We’d better resolve it. Or we could find ourselves at the 2033 Faux Council in the basement of some abandoned Detroit warehouse, telling an 83 % liberal Adventist majority “If you don’t quit it, we’ll hold our breath.”

I realize, of course, that I’m not allowed to criticize the NAD girl-power trend without being accused of misogyny, being mean spirited and spiteful. I don’t mind.

I just think it’s childish. Really childish. And factious.