Daniel 11&12

TWO prophectic interpretations and understandings currently exist concerning the king of the north and Daniel 11:45 and Daniel 12:1. 

Is Turkey/Islam or the Papacy the “king” of the north? Or is it spiritual “kings”?

Do Daniel 2, 7 & 8 reflect the rise and fall of nations with "Rome" being the last “empire"?

The issues are blurred when we realize Islam was created by the Papacy. (see bottom of this page)

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Daniel and the End of the World     Series  Norman McNulty

Currently, there are several interpretations regarding Daniel, the end of time and the rise of Islam and Turkey. These presentations consider Spirit of Prophecy and Scripture quotes that indicate the role of the papacy during this historic and future time period.

Study notes  on Daniel 11  -  Norman McNulty  

And another point of view 


Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy                                         A 10 part seminar series presented by Tim Roosenberg

ISIS in Bible Prophecy 

 -  Uriah Smith      about 1911 edition

   - 1897 edition (raw copy - yet to be organized)

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Especially should the book Daniel and the Revelation be brought before people as the very book for this time. This book contains the message which all need to read and understand.  {1MR 60.6} 

Daniel and the Revelation audio by Uriah Smith

This mp3 is recorded with text to speech software so some of the pronunciations and intonation is a bit unusual; however it is quite pleasant to listen to.

The Commandments and the Faith of Jesus        by Walter Veith

Starting during the Reformation, the focus was on the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. But today, every wind of doctrine is blowing through the church.  In this lecture with Walter Veith we will investigate the huge difference between faith IN Jesus, and the faith OF Jesus.

The Sabbath day has again become a contentious issue. The day that Rome hates the most is actually the day of our salvation! Let us get back to the basics and preach what we have always been preaching. Forget the mixed doctrines, forget the interpretation of religious leaders and simply study and read your Bible, and follow the Commandments and the Faith of Jesus. There is no room for the commandments of another counterfeit system. The Bible is not up to interpretation. There is one meaning, one message, one ruler, one Jesus.

The interpretations blur as we realize Islam was created by the Papacy.

 How the Vatican created Islam

Daniel Unsealed -  Video

World History’s Response to Biblical Prophecy   

This is a comprehensive but rapid overview of the history from the time of the Assyrian empire up until the return of Christ. 

272 - The King of the North - Part 1

This lecture is a Bible study on Daniel 11 outlining the various possible interpretations of the prophetic delineations. The DVD begins with a summary of some of the historic views regarding Daniel 11 which see this prophecy as a parallel prophecy to Daniel 7 and 8. The presentation continues with a look at the chapter in its broader context as a merism and defines who is represented by the king of the north and the king of the south. The prophecy is compared typologically with other Biblical

273 - The King of the North - Part 2

Part 2 is a study of the king of the south that pushes against Catholicism at the time of the end, but it also investigates the intrigues of setting up the conditions for the final victory of the king of the north. The secret intrigues of Napoleon, the setting up of a false system of worship, and a counterfeit theology regarding the antichrist, the dispensationalist view, and the creation of the Jewish state and Zionism are all discussed. Viewers will be surprised to discover the origin of…

278 - The King of the North Embracing World Religions

A gospel of brass can be easily molded to the requirements of interreligious dialogue. Sacrificing principle and even the very essence of salvation enables people to embrace all religions irrespective as to whether the religions themselves acknowledge or negate the supremacy of Christ. The deity of Christ in particular has to be sacrificed on the altar of expediency in order to embrace the non-Christian religions and bring them into the fold of the anti-typical Babylon. In this lecture, we…


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