Churchix Facial Recognition Software 

for Event Attendance

Churchix is a face recognition based event attendance tracking software. Developed as a desktop application, Churchix identifies event attending members in videos and photos. All you need to do is enrol high quality photos of your members into the software, then connect a live video USB camera (up to 4 cameras) or upload recorded videos or photos – and Churchix will identify your members!

Churchix facial recognition software is designed for Church administrators and event managers who want to save the pain of manually tracking their members attendance to their events.

First of its kind, Churchix provides you with accurate data on members attendance in your events and services. The software also allows you to sort and manage your videos and photos.

What are Reference Photos?

Facial recognition software requires reference photos, and Churchix is no different. Reference Photos are the photos of your members which you enroll into the data base of Churchix.

Reference photos serve as an anchor and therefore should be of high quality. You can think of them as high quality passport photos. The enrollment and registration are done automatically and Churchix allows you to manually edit each member details.

Reference Photos Requirements

– Sharp image
– Lighting is spread evenly on the face, without any hot spots
– Size: Minimum of 70 pixels between the eyes
– Visible frontal face pose with no more than +/- 15 degrees from frontal position
– No facial expression

What are Probe Photos?

Probe Photos are the photos coming from an event either as still images or video frames, and they are fed into Churchix facial recognition software. The probe photos are matched against the reference photos. Naturally, probe photos have lower quality since they are sometimes taken in the field in dynamic conditions. If you manage to obtain high quality probe photos your accuracy results will be great!

For more details on facial recognition software photos please refer to our photo guide.

Expert Advice

In order to achieve high accuracy, you need to locate the camera where it would capture fully frontal visible faces.
Of course by zooming in you will lose range, but you will gain high quality images.
Don’t forget to make sure your lighting conditions are good.

Also, do some testing and adjust the camera location / zoom until you find the best spot for high accuracy.

Who is it for?

Churchix was developed especially for churches, however it can be used by event managers who want to track event attendance, or by anyone who wants to identify known guests from a large photos collection or from video. If you are looking for another face recognition solution please visit Face-Six.

  • 1. Enrol People into Churchix’s DB

  • 2. Upload Videos or Photos of Members

  • 3. Churchix Identifies their Faces