cell phone danger

Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: 
DNA single and double strand breaks 

oxidative damage 

Let’s not also forget that in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.

The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation. And those who raise their voices against the danger to our health and our human rights to safety have been the subject of harassment, intimidation and attempts to silence them. 

Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology At the July 14th, 2016 press conference, Bloomberg News reporter Todd Shields had his press credentials confiscated by members of the FCC security force. His offense? He was in the act of speaking with safety advocates concerned about radiation, who wanted to show him a tee shirt symbolizing their concerns. 

Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, and Agent Orange. Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies? 

Consider this: A $25m government study by the National Toxicology Program has concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer. Natural health advocates say that 70 percent of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful; with industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32 percent showing that wireless radiation is harmful. But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by our government due to corporate interests.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers journal of Microwave Theory and Techniques, the younger a person is, the more deeply cell phone radiation penetrates the brain. While the thickness of an adults skull helps prevent as much radiation getting into our brains, as we see in the graphic above, it's long been warned that the health effects of cell phones on children is much greaterthan that upon adults. According to military and health experts quoted in this January of 2014 story from Waking Times, wi-fi itself should be looked at as 'an invisible killing field'. “There are no safe levels of radiation” warned Barrie Trower, a physicist and former military expert on microwave radiation. 

Warning us then that over many years now, and secretly for decades, scientific and medical evidence has conclusively proven that low frequency pulsed radio and microwave frequencies are causing significant damage to our cells resulting in extreme increases in autism, heart irregularities, brain wave changes, cancer and generational fertility destruction in males but even more significantly in females, what damage might 5G be capable of doing?

As their story goes on to reportthe most prominent changes due to WiFi radiation though is with our children and teenagers due to their developing immune systems and thinner skeletal structures