"Big Joe" Takes On Women's March L.A. 

and Drops Bombs On Clueless Protestors

Jan 24, 2017

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He [the Lord] removeth kings [and national leaders] and setteth up kings [and national leaders]. Daniel 2:21

 Considering the events of 2020 - the 'obvious'  Big Joe was trying to state - is coming true.

Shot by "Based In LA" - ...Big Joe Tears APART Liberal Protesters For Protesting Against Trump. The leftists just can’t give up so they’re marching and rioting and won’t sit down and be quiet now that Trump is President. Take a look at when Big Joe was cycling through the protesters and gets flagged down to be asked some questions. Little did these protesters know, Big Joe knows what he’s talking about. Watch how this Trump supporter silences those marching in the Women’s March in LA! The women in the clip below shouting at him and encouraging him to learn his history doesn’t even know who or what Margaret Sanger was responsible. Needless to say, liberals who shout and scream truly do not know what they are talking about, they only know what they are told from the left wing progressive liberal leaders. They believe anything and read nothing.