AD  Prophecy Reports

July 6, 2020

(2/2)  - The Grand Deception: A Plan for Global Unity? 

(AD Prophecy Report - Ep. 3)

In this episode we continue the investigation where we left off. Why are social revolutions popping up everywhere? Do the WHO and the Jesuit Order share the same goals? Find the common thread between Pope Francis, Tedros Adhanom, Antonio Guterres, and Arturo Sosa. Learn the truth behind "liberation theology" and how it's being used to change society and manufacture social change to transform the world into a specific form of civil government.

June 4, 2020

(1/2)  - The Grand Deception: A Plan for Global Unity? 

(AD Prophecy Report - Ep. 2)

What is the real reason behind the increasing global chaos? Is COVID-19 a catalyst for something bigger? Is the world distracted by the names Trump, Gates, Fauchi and Birx when they should be talking about Francis, Adhanom, Guterres, and Sosa? Find out how these pieces fit together and understand what system is coming that will change every aspect of our everyday lives. The Bible foretold of the exact powers that would bring about the final transformation of society into a one-world system of global governance. Are we being manipulated into becoming "global citizens" for the new world order?

Mar 29, 2020

Bible prophecy was given so that we might be prepared for our future. The Mark of the Beast vs the Seal of God. Secularism vs. False Christianity. With the world distracted by COVID-19, a war goes on behind the scenes. Find out what's really happening as government and military powers expand to an unprecedented level. Is the battle for your mind and for your worship spreading faster than a virus? How is America fitting the exact role the Bible said it would? Have we witnessed the dawn of 'new world’?