1-7 Lineage Episodes 

Episode 1 | Constantine : Compromise & Controversy

We begin our journey with an event that changed the Christian landscape immeasurably - the conversion of Constantine. This event would lead to the persecution of Gods faithful believers from within the church and the beginning of a clear distinction between the two branches of Christianity that would emerge.

Episode 2 | Scotland's Braveheart

Isolated from the rest of Britain and Europe lies the island of Iona, off the coast of Scotland. Yet from this small, barren and windswept island a great impact would be felt far and wide. Columba, that great missionary and trainer of missionaries made this his base and set up a school that would last for several centuries.

Episode 3 | Holy Island

Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island, situated on the north Coast of England would be the base of mission operations in England in the 7th century. Aidan came from Iona, planted a school here and along with his two successors would convert almost three quarters of England in under 50 years.

Episode 4 | The Tide Turns

Crucial decisions would be made during the Whitby Synod in 664 A.D. that would affect the future of Christianity in the British Isles. The tide would turn away from Celtic Christianity.

Episode 5 | Dinooth & Columbanus

This week we travel from Iona to Wales where another training school was established and then we follow one of their missionaries as he went to France, Switzerland, Germany and then finally Italy, setting up training mission schools along the way.

Episode 6 | Waldenses : People of the Valleys

The Church in the Wilderness of Revelation 12:6,14 is perhaps best illustrated by the experience of the Waldensians. This week, and the next few weeks, we will visit the valleys that they called home and see where they lived and died. Seeing their faithfulness and commitment to mission and service for God.

Episode 7 | The Waldenses - A Mission Movement

Deep in the valleys this sturdy people lived and worked, but they were not hermits. Through their well-trained children, young people, and older people, they impacted the whole continent, spreading the gospel throughout Europe as missionaries ‘disguised’ as students and workers.