1-8  LINEAGE III     Creation to Kings

Episode 1 | Creation, Noah's Ark & The Flood CREATION TO KINGS

‘In the beginning’—words so rich in meaning signify the start of the world that we know, but unfortunately plan A didn't work out as hoped; plan B and plan C needed to come into effect. From the creation of the world and through to the Flood, come on the journey with us as we go back in time to learn our heritage.

Episode 2  | Abraham: The Faithful Father  | CREATION TO KINGS

Abraham is integral to three faiths—Judaism, Islam and Christianity—and his experience has inspired countless people over the ages. Tested to the utmost to sacrifice his son, he was faithful to God's leading and leaves a legacy for us today.

Episode 3  | Lot: Sodom & Gomorrah  | CREATION TO KINGS

      Sodom and Gomorrah have long lived in infamy, though it is the story of Lot and his family that strikes a cautionary tale. How did the nephew of Abraham end up living there, and what led to his wife turning to a pillar of salt? Lot shows us that the decisions that we make today can have huge implications for the future.

Episode 4 | Joseph & Jacob: The Birth of a Nation | CREATION TO KINGS

The story of Jacob, his multiple wives and sons has many lessons for us today but perhaps it's the story of his favourite son that stands out the most. From his favoured position in his fathers home to being sold as a slave, from Potiphar's house to the prison, and then to Pharaoh's palace his life saw a huge change in fortune, yet his honour, virtue and dignity remained steadfast throughout.

Episode 5  | Moses: Let My People Go |  CREATION TO KINGS

Moses was born during tumultuous times, and then raised in the palace of Pharaoh but he had to flee to the wilderness where he was prepared for the difficult task ahead. Finally, after they had been in Egypt for 400 years God decided that His people needed to leave, and the man destined to lead them was Moses.

Episode 6 | Moses: The Passover & The Exodus | CREATION TO KINGS

The plagues fell on Egypt with varying severity but Pharoah remained unmoved until the 10th plague - the death of all the firstborn in the land of Egypt. This affected all - except those who observed the first Passover service. Israel was now free to leave yet the journey would not be without drama!

Episode 7 |Joshua & Caleb:The 12 Spies & 40 Years in the Wilderness | 


So near but yet so far, a common phrase today, that applies to the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. A journey that should have taken just under 2 weeks took 40 years!

Episode 8 | Aaron: Mount Hor & The Anointing of Eleazar CREATION TO KINGS

Aaron had some of the highest honours ever known to man, yet his life had some of the deepest disappointments and regrets also. Despite his high standing in world and Biblical history, his final resting place and funeral would be a humble and private affair in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Hor.