Part 2 The Androgyny Deception

The Androgyny Deception

                Part 2

Discovering the Roots

     of Androgyny”

What is the definition of male headship:

In the partnership of two spiritually equal human 

beings, man and woman, the man bears the primary 

responsibility to lead the partnership in a God-

glorifying direction.

The model of headship is our Lord, the Head of the 

church, who gave Himself for us.

Gender issues are some of the

hottest topics in the news.

The family is being re-defined.

Roles are reversing.

What’s behind all this?

Christ has chosen men to be ministers of

the gospel, His ordained delegates, who 

have received their authority directly

from Jesus. He’s in charge, and He has 

chosen men to be His earthly


This is not human opinion, but God-

inspired truth.

While Christ is the minister in the

sanctuary above, He is also, through

His delegates, the minister of His

church on earth. He speaks to the

people through chosen men, and

carries forward His work through

them, as when in the days of His

humiliation He moved visibly upon

the earth. . . .From Christ's ascension

to the present day, men ordained of 

God,deriving their authority from

Him, have become teachers of the

faith. {4T 393.1}

God has provided light and truth for the

world by having placed it in the keeping

of faithful men, who in succession have 

committed it to others through all 

generations up to the present time. These

men have derived their authority in an

unbroken line from the first teachers of 

the faith. Christ remains the true minister

of his church, but he delegates his power

to his under-shepherds, to his chosen 

ministers, who have the treasure of his

grace in earthen vessels. God 

superintends the affairs of his servants,

and they are placed in his work by divine

 appointment.{ST, April 7, 1890 par. 6}

Notice her use of men and women in these quotations. When she says men here, she means males! Ministers are to be MEN.

The primary object of our college was to

afford young men an opportunity to 

study for the ministry and to prepare

young persons of both sexes to become

workers in the various branches of the

cause. {5T 60}

Those who enter the missionary field

should be men and women who walk

and talk with God. Those who stand as

ministers in the sacred desk should be

men of blameless reputation. {5T 598}

Satan desperately wants to

disrupt God’s creation order.

He has manifested his hatred

of male headship in many ways.

If you study the history of androgyny, you will

understand that it is a rebellious defiance

against God’s creation order, and has been

manifested in pagan religions throughout 


Many of the idols that the

Israelites worshiped in

their apostasy were female 


When Solomon apostatized from

God and began worshipping the

female goddess Ashtoreth, what

happened to him?

“His character, once noble and 

manly, became enervated 

[weakened] and effeminate.”

{PK 58.1} 

Worshipping a female

goddess turned a noble, manly

king into an effeminate moral


This is Satan’s goal for each of

us, to destroy our morality, and 

our sense of the exceeding 

sinfulness of sin. 

Androgyny is defined as having

both male/female characteristics,

or not being distinctly male or


         Male model of the year — 2011

Since women’s clothing has become 

more masculine, and men’s clothing

is becoming more feminine, there is 

now no plain distinction between the

clothing of the sexes.

The next level of attack is on

gender roles.

There is a huge push for equal

roles in all areas.

One doesn’t need to appear 

androgynous to have an 

androgynous mindset.

An androgynous mindset means that

we do not consider this blurring of

gender boundaries WRONG.

By accepting this gender blending,

and not opposing it, we buy into the 

androgynous mindset.

There are many ways we can accept 

the androgynous mindset, such as:

 1. Not accepting our God-assigned roles

 2. Wearing clothing that blurs the 

male/female distinction

 3. Being accepting of any gender blurring practice

What are we doing to warn our

youth about the dangers of the 

androgynous mindset? We may

think we can ignore it, but our

youth aren’t ignoring it.

  This type of activity is rapidly increasing.

Carl Jung

In the roots of modern psychology,

we find the androgynous theory:

“Jungian psychology, itself influenced by

eastern religious thought, was very

influential in the founding of modern

psychological theory. The operative

anthropology of Jungianism was a belief

in the androgynous nature of all people - 

that there are female/feminine and 

male/masculine characteristics latent 

within everyone.”

Carl Jung

Jung theories were highly influenced

by Gnosticism

“As early as August 1912, Jung had 

intimated [in] aletter to Freud that he had

an intuition that the essentially feminine-

tones archaic wisdom of the Gnostics, 

symbolically called Sophia, was destined

to re-enter modern Western culture by

way of depth psychology.”

Paganism has embraced the

androgynous mindset since its



Goddess worship is an integral part 

    of Paganism and Gnosticism.


     This is androgyny.


Paganism is making a strong

comeback. Gnostic ideas are

attracting multitudes.

A Gnostic Feminist writes:

"...the main thing distinguishing the Gnostic

gospels from the orthodox gospels is their

abundance of powerful feminine imagery of the

Divine. They reveal that many early Christians

described and worshipped God as dyad, a being

consisting of both masculine and feminine


“They prayed to both the divine Father and the

divine Mother--to Mother-Father. One of their

prayers, still intact, begins, 'From thee, Father, 

and through thee, Mother...'      The Gnostic

gospels also referred to the Holy Spirit as


The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, p. 151,

Sue Monk Kidd, former Baptist turned feminist.


The feminist movement is rooted

in the Gnostic beliefs of

androgyny. Gnosticism teaches

that the true God was a woman,

and that the lesser god who

created humans was evil.

Humans were originally

androgynous, both male and

female, until they sinned.


Some Gnostics taught that the

androgynous Adam had to be 

split apart, into a male and 

female, as punishment.

In order to get back to godhood, 

we must become androgynous.

Many who have bought into the

feminist agenda are unaware of 

these roots of feminism. The

push for removing gender

distinction finds its foundation

in such ungodly beliefs.


                            NOT Recommended Reading

The push to obliterate gender 

roles is also taken up by the gay

movement. If they succeed in

blurring who is male and who is

female, they remove all gender 



Then they are free to “love”

whomever they wish, male or

female, or both.

This causes society to call evil

good and good evil.

Those who oppose this agenda

are marginalized and ridiculed.



                                                         NOT Recommended Reading

Confusing propaganda makes

it seem unloving to oppose



The demand for“equality”is the

cry of both feminists and



To both groups,  equality means

removing gender distinction.

Homosexuals and transgenders are

exalted as the shamans of the neo-

pagan religion, because they have

“broken through the evil gender barrier,

and become spiritually connected with

              the Mother god.”

“Of course the

homosexual activists, 

along with the radical

feminists, have long

pushed the androgyny

line; that male and female

are merely interchangeable

roles and artificial social

constructs. Gender is

fluid, and there is no

physical, biological or

genetic basis for sex


“This is all part of their

radical agenda to destroy

marriage and family, and

foist their own brave new

world on to the rest of 

society, whether they like

it or not.”

Bill Muehlenberg Complementarian

          Society is in a gender crisis. 

For around 150 years, step by step

society has been heading to where we

are today. Each new step has been

shocking and sometimes horrifying for a

brief time until society became used to it.

The church also gets used to it. 

                     This is reality.


   Going back in history, we see that 

Women’s Rights is undeniably linked 

with Spiritualism, as well as with

defying gender boundaries. 

Spiritualism and feminism both defy the 

     God-ordained headship of men.

     Ann Braude

Ann Braude’s Radical Spirits (1989)

traces the importance of women and

women’s rights in the Spiritualist

movement since its inception in

1848 – incidentally also the year

of the momentous Seneca Falls

Convention. It was spiritualism

that paved the way for the

women’s right’s movement


nn Braude

            NOT Recommended Reading

“The first women's rights meeting in the

United States, held at Seneca Falls,

New York, in 1848, itself followed

several decades of a quietly-emerging

egalitarian spirit among women.” /The-Long-Road-To-Suffrage.htm

                                     The Fox Sisters

“Now back in 1848, and not twenty five

miles away from the initial rappings heard in

Hydesville, the feminist movement had their

First Women's Rights Convention at the 

Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York

on July 19 and 20 - just a few short months 

after spirit began communicating with

women in that same geographic area.” 9/08/02/spiritualism-feminism-changing- humanity-together-far-the-dapc-blog/

Women's rights advocate Victoria

Woodhull (1838- 1927) was a 

spiritualist, clairvoyant, faith healer and

apostle of free love who maintained that

her spirit guide had set her on a mission

to create a social revolution.


                           NOT Recommended Reading

Because feminism has convinced many

women that their value comes in having

identical roles as men, there is a huge

push to get women into church

leadership. We can see that this has been

on the agenda from the very beginning

as those spiritualists followed the

promptings of their spirit guides.


                            NOT Recommended Reading


Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a spiritualist who

organized the women’s rights convention at

Seneca Falls showed open contempt for the

Bible, declaring it to be of human origin, written

by men who loved to dominate women. She

fought for “equal rights” for women, both in

society and in the church.

After a huge success in gaining

converts, spiritualism seemed to die

out in the 1870’s. In reality, it just

moved right into the churches.

Satan’s agenda could better be

carried out in the church than


“Spiritualism’s decline caused the

religious thrust of the women’s rights

movement to move instead to

evangelical Christianity.”


And spiritualism is still strongly influencing

those who are leading out in the push for

women’s ordination. A major organization 

formed for this purpose, Christians for Biblical

Equality (CBE) has very definite links to

present-day spiritualism, although it is

disguised and undetected by the unwary. Many

of the supporters, authors and directors of CBE

are directly connected with spiritual formation,

such as Richard Foster, Brian MacLaren, Tony

Compolo, Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, Dr. Walter C.

Kaiser, Jr., Stanley Gundry, and Roger Nicole.

“Feminists active in the mainline

Protestant churches have also succeeded

in placing the androgyny concept near

the apex of those churches theologies.

Such theologians identify, in particular,

with the old Gnostic heresy, the belief 

that God is both male and female, and

that “Holy Wisdom,” the female persona

of God, mediates the “fall” of humans

into bodiliness and also the escape from

Creation into spiritual life. Men and

women, they say, can rise above their

carnal sex roles and gain spiritual


                                        Complementarian Mary Kassian writes,

“Biblical feminists formulated a definition of

equality for Christian women that concurred

with the definition put forth by secular society.

Equality meant role interchangeability

—a woman had the right to fill any position

 that a man held.”

The Feminist Mistake, p. 255

From a website promoting the Complementarian viewpoint, The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

“It is evident that sexual perversion and the

elimination of sexual distinctions are not

incidental footnotes of pagan religious history

but represent one of paganism’s fundamental

ideological commitments. As we have noted,

the pagan priesthood is identified, across space

and time, with the blurring of sexual identity

via homosexual androgyny. If history is a wise

teacher, we may surely conclude that paganism

will always give enormous priority to

destroying God-ordained monogamous

heterosexuality and to promoting androgyny in

its varied forms.”

The Androgynous Agenda promotes:

- Feminism’s view that gender roles are


-Androgynous fashions that blur the

 distinction between the sexes

-Women as spiritual leaders.

-Male headship in the home as undesirable

-Total equality between men and women

 in all areas.

Is Our Culture Becoming Androgynous?

“To say that a culture or relationship

is androgynous is to say it lacks rigid

gender roles and the people involved

display both masculine and feminine

characteristics or partake in both

masculine and feminine activities.”

Androgyny and Homosexuality

“The gay liberation movement

embraced the idea of androgyny,

for it allowed lesbians and gay

men to show their gender

characteristics openly in society. 

Subsequently, the prevailing wind

for social changes started to 

sweep across the globe,

empowering women and

softening the image of men, while

altering the perception of human

nature consisting of opposite sex

roles to human nature unifying 

two complimentary sex roles as a

legitimate gender.”

Androgyny and Evolution

“Apparently, the increasing global attraction

to androgyny indicates that the modern

theory of evolution holds greater sway than

the traditional doctrines of Christianity. 

Some may believe that androgyny is just a

passing trend, and others may think that its

part of the evolution of humanity.

Whichever it is, one thing seems inevitable

- as the world becomes more integrated and

complex, society will adapt pervading

changes as social norms to move humanity

forward in its social evolution.”

Androgyny and Spiritualism

Modern-day Spiritualists channel messages from

demons, to prepare humans to enter the 5th


They teach that in order to ascend into higher

consciousness, humans must once more achieve

 a balance in their masculine and feminine 

energies; they must become androgynous.

Spiritualist Madame Blavatsky’s masterpiece 

“The Secret Doctrine,” published in 1888, 

teaches that Adam was androgynous, both

male and female, which was the highest 

spiritual level.

Warning: I do not recommend going to this site above, as it is filled with demonic messages. If you choose to read this site, proceed with great caution and much prayer. It is referred to here because it exposes Satan’s agenda.

Spirit guides, (demons) who are currently 

channeling through modern day

spiritualists, are sending messages to all

who will listen. One of the messages they

are sending is that humans need to clear

themselves of all “gender energies,” and 

become androgynous

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and

Transgendered are cooperating with the 

demons to bring this state about. Notice in

 the next quote the answers the demons 

give to this follower:

Written by a follower of modern spirit guides,

Carl Forsberg

“The distinction of Male and Female, thus Man

and Woman is no more clearly defined as it is

by the Human race. For me personally, as a 

man, it became for me a 30 year prison of my

entire life. Yes, I knew I was born to be a man,

but by my Teen years, I knew deep within 

myself I had a female identity that longed to be

recognized. To my own embarrassment I had

as much real feeling for my male companions as

I did for the women in my life. Over the years I 

let this become a prison for myself because I did

not know how to express these feelings without

breaking all the rules I was raised with.

“There was no one that I could turn to that did

not condemn these feelings, and I even had

thoughts of Suicide because there was no

resolution I could turn to. 

The greatest condemnation came from my

family and my religion, the two elements I was

closest to in my life.

I prayed for and finally received the answers I

needed from my Spirit Guides, who have been

my constant companions and have never let me


I realize now that God Itself, the author of all

life is androgynous, meaning, God is the perfect

balance of all that is Male and all that is

Female. The longer we live in our journey back

to the Cosmos, which is our Goal, the more

God like we become. Therefore, our roles take

on a greater and greater balance of both sexes.”

This is so revealing, because it clearly exposes

the devices of the devil right down to the core.

The more his followers become like Satan, the

more androgynous they become.

The Androgynous thinking promoted by the

devil is basically the removal of the distinction

between the sexes, whether in appearance or


It is Satan’s master plan to obliterate gender

distinction. His demons are spreading it far and


We can see it clearly now.

We have no excuse for following his agenda.

Consider Satan’s lie in the Garden of Eden.

You will become like gods, knowing good 

and evil, if you just follow what I tell you to do.

(eat the fruit).

Well, that same devil is telling people—You 

will enter the 5th dimension, a new world

order, and become a god, if you will just do

what I tell you to do (accept androgyny).

God said—Don’t eat the fruit.

Now God says—Maintain a p
lain distinction

between males and females.

So, who will we obey, God or Satan????

God’s truth is: the more we become like Christ,

the more distinct will we become in our

manliness or womanliness. 

That is God’s truth. 

That is His promise.


Manliness, womanliness--

sanctified, purified, refined, ennobled--we have

the promise of receiving.” {1SM 88.3}

“All that makes men manly or women

womanly is reflected from

the character of Christ.” {CT 541.2} 

With just a little bit of research, 

(as we should not delve into these

matters,) one uncovers the obvious

link of androgyny with modern


Notice in the next sections how

androgyny is part of the integral

process of becoming a ‘god’ and



“Cosmic Androgyny: the union of He

and She within.

The Spirit and Flesh World Religion and

Spirituality Online Library: uniting 

seemingly opposed ideologies and

vibrations into the true, pristine

harmony of cosmic oneness. Meditating

deeply after smoking marijuana can

help facilitate the union of your male

and female aspects. The union occurs

within, so you must be silently within

yourself to allow the union.

“Wholeness is the outcome of the

alchemical union of opposites within

the individual, specifically male and

female, light and dark, internal and

external, spirit and flesh.

To merge the inner with the outer is to

be conscious of both the inner and outer

at the same time, and then to merge

both aspects into one. At the subtle level

of Self, where all duality ends, there is

neither male nor female, good nor evil,

inside nor out—only a living, limitless

ocean of being/awareness/peace. 

When all is one self, that self is a 

oneness which defies all categories of 

duality, for it is now one I which is both

male and female, transcendent and                                   

immanent, spirit and flesh.

All is Goddess and God, united in their

stillness and generative duality of 

oneness wherein all arises, passes away, 

and yet remains in the subtle harmony

of their togetherness. Our I is one with

Goddess and God. I am we, and I am

 Goddess and God, which is everything.”

As we can see, this Androgynous mindset is the

doctrine of devils, rooted in rebellion, and

designed to prepare a people to enter the

Satanic “5th dimension.”

The spiritualists explain the necessity of

androgyny for this 5th dimension

“The four astrological alignments . . . will

thereby support the creation of the New

Anatomy known as the Adam Kadmon body, 

and on a parallel level the necessary

dimensions of the androgynous physical

manifestation, lightbody/Christbody and 

Consciousness to also come into physical

manifestation.” 5th-dimension

This Satanic teaching of ascension requires an androgynous state:

“For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is

the highest realms a Soul can reach.

Spiritually, starting from the beginning, it is

the last stop downward on the dimensional

ladder before we enter the realms of 

limitation. We incarnate here as

androgynous stellar beings. Since we live on

Stars we have luminous Light Bodies. 

These eternal forms have no need for pain,

the warning signals that physical bodies

provide. Therefore there is no physical 

suffering. Neither do we suffer from any

form of separation because we constantly

experience the

Oneness of Mother/Father Creator.”


   The point is, the devil is serious about

    promoting androgyny in our society.

His followers recognize it as a mandate for

their spiritual evolution.

It is being taught in classes, promoted in

the media, displayed in fashion, and

mainstreamed through the United Nations.

Everywhere you turn, you will see this

androgynous mindset being pushed on us.

We need spiritual discernment to recognize

the impact of this androgynous mindset.

This Spiritualistic Class is offered      at a cost of $250 per session:

“RoHunTM Advanced Processes

These are transformative and advanced

processes that continue the healing of the

subconscious, and expand your awareness 

to greater states of Light and love in your 


The advanced processes are:

The Androgynous Process – male and female healing (three sessions); 

The Divine Mother, healing issues with the mother (one session); 

The Origin Process – healing issues with God (two sessions); 

and The Seven Visions of Self (three sessions).”

Another spiritualistic website offers instruction on how to become androgynous:

“Seven Chakras Androgyny Grids

I trust that your journey through

the chakras and Androgyny grids

will awaken the Dynamic Light

within you to shine even brighter

and stretch further a field,

shedding light on the extended

aspects of your life.

May your adventure be filled with

exciting discoveries of the 

treasures and wisdom that ARE

inside of you, just waiting to be


The essence of Spiritualism is the age-

old lie, “ye shall not surely die and Ye

shall be as gods, knowing good and 



Having deceived mankind into eating of

the tree of knowledge of good and evil,

Satan wants to make them believe that,

in becoming gods, they will have access

to the tree of life.

But, in order to do that, they will need to

become androgynous.

It is preposterous to suggest that God is

in favor of the gender blurring agenda

being promoted by the enemies of



To wrongfully use Galatians 3:28 to 

promote the removal of distinction

between the roles or appearance of men

and women is inexcusable.

Does God really think it’s a good

idea to remove all gender

distinctions? Or this is Satan’s



           Gender Mainstreaming:

The New Age/United Nations Agenda

1. Merge God and Nature (ecology)

2. Eradicate male-female distinction


3. World peace and nuclear disarmament

4. One world government

5. One world religion

The Androgynous Mindset promotes

  Feminisms view that gender roles are


  Androgynous fashions that blur the

    distinction between the sexes.

  Women as spiritual leaders.

  Male headship in the home as undesirable.

  Total equality (identical) between men and

     women in all areas.

   Distinct OR Blended

This androgynous issue is not a small thing. 

Our attitude toward it is a heart issue, leading

to either obedience or rebellion.

It affects so many attitudes and practices!

Indeed, the entire character is shaped by one’s

philosophy on this very matter.

What is one of our greatest dangers?

“One of the greatest dangers that besets

God's people has ever been from

conformity to worldly maxims and

customs.” {CG 471.2}

What is a maxim? 

Maxim=basic principle, or rule of conduct


What is a custom? 

Custom=habitual practice

“There must be earnest, careful,

persevering effort to break away

from the customs, maxims, and

associations of the world. Deep thought, earnest purpose, steadfast 

integrity, are essential.”{CT 62.2}

This is not going to be easy!

When light shines on our pathway, it is our privilege and duty to walk in the light.

This may mean changes in lifestyle, wardrobe, career, philosophy, pursuits, and so on.

May God help us!

God wants to strengthen our

  manhood and womanhood!

“The Lord is at the door, and all the manhood and womanhood of our spiritual being is to be called into activity.”{RH, April 12, 1898 par. 11}


“Why not make up your mind that

you will stand in your God-given

manhood and womanhood, and, 

through Christ, be overcomers?”

{ST, March 18, 1889 par. 8}

As the world acceptsthe 


       let us, as Christians,

in decided contrast,seek to

become Manly men

      or Womanly women

               in Christ!

Highly Recommended Books & Websites


End of Part 2

Part 3 will open your

understanding to historical

events in society and in the 

church that have made a huge

impact on our current practices.

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