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These 8 Red Flags Warn Us We're Speeding 

Toward An Economic Collapse Right Now

December 2018

Every Bubble In Search Of a Pin


10 Numbers That Prove That We Are Rapidly 

Becoming A Nation Of Government Dependents


and the fulfillment of Bible prophecy articles

When Debt Evaporates So Will Half the Global Population

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the next financial meltdown really takes off when we can no longer borrow money into existence. Mannarino explains, “There is a full blown debt crisis in Europe and in the United States. September 2018

The Dark Cloud Of Global Debt… 

The Perfect Storm Looms

July 5, 2018

Enormous global debt, combined with low-interest rates, have set the stage for a global recession that has the potential for economic chaos.

The Venus Flytrap Of Western Civilization:

Entitlements July 2018         

America's Greatest Crisis Upon Us...Debt-to-GDP Makes It Clear

Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, June, 2018

12 Indications That The Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner

May 2018   Michael Snyder

Death knell tolls for the euro as more 

European nations repatriate gold  March, 2018

This Is One Of History's Most Accurate Indicators Of A Looming Financial Crisis

Authored by Simon Black via  - March 2018  

Is all of this just a crazy coincidence? 

Total U.S. debt from all sectors is shown in BLUE while the U.S. GDP is in BROWN.  You will notice that the total debt and GDP from 1950 to 1970 remained pretty even.  It wasn’t until after 1970 did the debt increase more than the GDP.

 America Is Heading Straight Toward The Worst 

Debt Crisis In History  Michael Snyder     May 2018

Today, America is nearly 70 trillion dollars in debt, and that debt is shooting higher at an exponential rate.  Usually most of the focus in on the national debt, which is now 21 trillion dollars and rising, but when you total all forms of debt in our society together it comes to a grand total just short of 70 trillion dollars.  Many people seem to believe that the debt imbalances that existed prior to the great financial crisis of 2008 have been solved, but that is not the case at all.  We are living in the terminal phase of the greatest debt bubble in history, and with each passing day that mountain of debt just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.  It simply is not mathematically possible for debt to keep on growing at a pace that is many times greater than GDP growth, and at some point this absurd bubble will come to an abrupt end. 

 Japan Is So Broke That Its Prisons Are Full Of 80+ Year Old 'Felons'

February 2018

Financial writer Charles Hugh Smith sees one very big problem coming at us, and that is a dramatic loss in buying power of the U.S. dollar, but it’s not just the dollar. According to Smith, “All these currencies, there is nothing backing the currencies except the government’s force. That’s the yen, the euro, the dollar and the Chinese yuan. They are all going to have a catastrophic drop against real assets because they are all based on too much leverage, too much debt, too much money being pumped into the financial system that ends up in unproductive speculation. You can’t grow your debt at six times the rate of your economy. In other words, if you are creating $6, $8 or $10 of debt to eke out $1 of low productivity growth, you are dooming your currency, and all currencies are doing the same thing. All the currencies are going to take a big drop at some point . . . relative to real stuff. Real stuff is commodities we need: water, grains, food, oil, natural gas and, of course, precious metals.

The Real Unemployment Number: 

102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job  June 2017

 Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At

 EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s May 2017

11 Facts That Prove That The U.S. Economy In 2017 Is In Far Worse Shape Than It Was In 2016 Michael Snyder

Durable Goods Orders have gone nowhere for five years... 

A very different picture to the never-ending surge in the stock market.

It's the "new economy" stupid! You just don't get it!

The last two times that Durable Goods Orders slumped like this, the stock market collapsed... But, it must be different this time…     March 24, 2017

What next? March 15, 2017


What is happening to Globalization?

 December 1, 2016

Inflation in Venezuela is expected to reach 720 per cent this year, with the largest bolívar bill now worth just five US cents on the black market.

Some shopkeepers have reportedly taken to weighing rather than counting the wads of cash customers hand them, and standard-size wallets have become all but useless in the socialist South American state. Instead, many people stuff huge volumes of cash into handbags, money belts, or backpacks, in scenes analysts have said are suggestive of “runaway” inflation.


The exponentially-rising chart below shows what hyperinflation in a destroyed socialist economy looks like.

November  2016

Venezuelans Resort To Weighing Cash As Hyperinflation Builds

It’s also one of the clearest signs yet that hyperinflation could be taking hold in a country that refuses to publish consumer-price data on a regular basis. October 2016

We are on the precipice

...the world is at an unprecedented moment in history where the interconnected nature of the global economy makes all players vulnerable to the mind-boggling volume of outstanding derivatives  ZeroHedge             The love of money is the root of ALL evil.   1 Timothy 6:10

He gave a homeless man $100, then filmed the man to see how the money was spent. Jan  2015

Watch The Spread of Walmart Across The Country In One Startling GIF  and  

Why are They Preparing for a Major Earthquake on the New Madrid Fault?

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