Miscellaneous Seminar Topics

Cracking the Genesis Code

with  Stephen Bohr  

                                THE GENESIS CONFLICT  SERIES 

8  presentations

In this series, Professor Veith discusses the biblical perspective of the creation account and proceeds to provide evidence in support of the veracity of the Bible regarding its claims. The evolutionary and creationist paradigm are contrasted and alternative explanations for the origin of life, the geological column and the palaeontological record are presented with full color illustrations. Moreover, we are taken on a trip to ancient archaeological sites which speak to the trustworthiness of the Bible. Enjoy the clear and logical presentation of these popular and vital issues. In a time of compromise viewing this series of presentations is valuable information for every serious Christian. An excellent resource for those seeking evidence for creation.

Did Darwin Murder God?  - 6 video presentations

Just as Biblical Creation is based on faith in God's Word, so we discover that the theory of evolution is also based on faith. No scientist can explain how life comes about; everything about the origin of life on earth is a mystery, and it seems the more that is known, the more complex the puzzle gets. 

The Sunday Law Crisis: What You Need to Know

6 videos 

This shocking 5-part series explores God’s prophecy of an approaching “mark" of the beast (see Revelation 13:16,17), the role of the Roman Catholic Church, the Sabbath vs. Sunday controversy, and how to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. Hosted by Steve Wohlberg.

Spiritualistic Practices in Healing

Six video presentations with Dr. Edwin Noyes

Rekindling the Reformation Series 

7 of 11 presentations

We seek to revive the spirit of the Reformation and to keep the memory alive of those that fought for our freedom and what they stood for. If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. The stealthy efforts of a Counter Reformation have been craftily and carefully implemented behind the scenes of society until the noble effects of the Reformation have almost been annulled. Join us as we rekindle the Reformation.